LFA Leagues to Get Official Match Balls Next Season

LFA President Mustapa Raji (L) and Tempo Sports representative Ahmed Rabie El-Hadad pose for a photo at the ATS

Leagues of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) will for the first time have official match balls beginning next season.

This comes after the LFA and Tempo Sports signed a three-year match-ball sponsorship Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Friday, April 30, at LFA’s headquarters in Monrovia.

Tempo Sports is an Austrian trademark owned by NOVAVERA Sport, an Egyptian Company registered worldwide and approved with FIFA Quality Pro, and FIFA IMS (International Match Standard), the highest football certifications in the world.

The partnership deal will run from the 2021/22 league season to the 2023/24 league season. Under the MoU, Tempo will provide free 500 branded match-balls to the LFA valued around US$24,000 and 3,000 match-balls to be purchased by clubs/LFA at a 50-percent discount.

Tempo is one of the most advanced sports brands, according to FIFA tests taking place in FIFA Testing Laboratories in Switzerland. The Austrian trademark also provides match balls for a number of associations and top-tier clubs around the world, such as Egypt, Austria, Spain, Libya, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Turkmenistan, Zambia, and The Gambia.

LFA President Mustapha Raji said the agreement is part of the football association’s developmental initiatives and emphasized the need for the Egyptian government and football association to have a long-term cooperation deal with Liberia, including technical support and capacity building.

President Raji told the Egyptian Ambassador to Liberia, Ahmed El Sayed Hetal, who was also in attendance, “We want to continue with this cooperation not just with Tempo but other companies in Egypt to invest in Liberia. The country is opened and we are growing.

“And we want to seek the opportunity of other partners that can come in. As expressed by the representative of Tempo, Liberian companies also have the opportunity to partner with them so they can resell and gain additional profits from their products.

“We believe this is the true spirit of the partnership with the Egyptian and our governments; with Tempo Sport and the LFA and our relationship with the Egyptian FA where you can use your influence to push for other things like a long-term partnership.”


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