LFA Clarifies Orange Sponsorship Deal

LFA President Mustapha Raji

The Liberia Football Association (LFA) wishes to clarify that it did not sign any new sponsorship agreement with Orange-Liberia.

The LFA’s clarification comes in the wake of concerns and misconceptions from the media and stakeholders regarding the Orange Liberia deal with the past LFA administration as well as the claim that the past agreement between the Musa Bility’s LFA and Orange Liberia continued into Raji’s administration.

“As some of you are aware, the sponsorship deal with Orange was terminated by a letter from then LFA President Musa Bility before the current administration took office in 2018,” the LFA release said.

“We engaged Orange during the last league and appealed to them to continue the same contract, which would have expired in 2020 and Orange graciously accepted our passionate appeal,” said LFA President Mustapha Raji.

Raji also revealed that the LFA was also successful in removing the knockout competition, known as the LFA Cup, from the original contract and is looking for a new sponsor.

Orange has agreed to make available US$195,000 per season in two phases until 2020.

The first payment of US$97,500 will be provided before the start of the league while the second tranche of US$97,500 will be provided before the start of the second phase.

The first payment was given on 31 January ahead of 2019
season and will be divided among the clubs in the first, second and female divisions.

All provisions and clauses remain the same in the contract, which has been turned over to the LFA audit and compliance and legal committees to review the implications and ramifications of publishing the deal in its entirety because of the issue of confidentiality.

While awaiting an opinion, the LFA is encouraging the media and stakeholders to visit its offices or the prime sponsor Orange to check the veracity of this information.


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