‘Let’s Make President Weah A ‘Benevolent Dictator’

Finance Minister Tweah: Government is determined to attrat more money to agriculture within the next three years.

— Finance Minister Samuel Tweah urges CDC partisans

Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Samuel D. Tweah, Jr., is craving the indulgence of Liberians across the country, especially partisans and sympathizers of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), to help make President George Manneh Weah a “Benevolent Dictator,” a move he thinks will help to speedily put Liberia on path of development and rapid transformation.

During one of the many endorsement ceremonies of CDC’s Senatorial candidate, Representative Thomas P. Fallah in Monrovia, the Finance Minister said that the President needs to be made a “Benevolent Dictator” so that Liberians can be afraid of him in order not to question his administrative actions and decisions. He said the CDC administration needs to start taking tough decisions and, as such, there is a need to re-orientate the whole government in order to achieve that goal.

“Look, we need a benevolent dictator. It means somebody like Paul Kagame of Rwanda, who alone can sit in a room and make a decision that will change the whole country faster,” The Minister said, adding that “this is what is happening in many Asian Countries, where the benevolent dictators just say, ‘OK, I’m not here to hear what the other people get to say or their views. I will build that road and put the money there.’ 

“Because at times,” the Minister continued, “you want to build that road, and some other people will say do the land… and when everybody starts democratizing your decision, then you are slowed down. But we [the CDC government] need tough decisions so we can re-orientate the whole government,” he noted.

According to Wikipedia, on online encyclopedia, a “benevolent dictatorship” is a government in which an authoritarian leader exercises absolute political power over the state but is perceived to do so with regard for benefit of the population as a whole, standing in contrast with the decidedly malevolent stereotype of a dictator who focuses on his and supporters’ self-interests. A benevolent dictator may allow for some civil liberties or democratic decision-making to exist, such as through public referenda or elected representatives or with limited power, and often makes preparations for a transition to democracy during or after their term. It might be seen as a republican form of enlightened despotism. 

The Finance Minister, who many consider to be one of two de-facto leaders of the state, noted that President does not have the resounding mandate for people to be afraid of him—“So this is the mandate that we want you to give him this December 8,” he said in reference to the Senatorial polls across the country that will see fifty percent of the Senate membership elected.

As progressive as this sounds, critics maintain that a dictator is a dictator, no matter how kind or how cruel. 

Minister Tweah’s statement has since been hit by a barrage of criticisms as many fear that it has the propensity to lead Liberia back into its dark days as Liberians are no longer willing to live under a dictatorial leadership.

One of such persons who vehemently criticized the CDC stalwart’s proclamation is Mr. Abduolaye Dukulé, an adviser to former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who said calling on Liberians to vote for Legislators to turn Weah into a “benevolent dictator” is at best a reckless statement. 

“This makes it compelling for the opposition to win and for Liberians to vote for those who want to preserve democracy,” he said on his social media page.

Mr. Dukulé, who many consider a veteran diplomat and Communication Specialist, noted that Liberians must rise and do the right thing at the polls in December if they are to dream of someone becoming a “Benevolent Dictator.” 

“The Upcoming Liberian Benevolent Dictator! The future of democracy, accountability and governance hangs on the outcome of the December 8, 2020 senatorial elections. The mid-term electoral process, which concerns half of the Senate, will tilt the balance of power in the Senate,” he said, noting that President George Weah’s administration could come out emboldened if it wins the majority, especially in the race in Montserrado, Nimba and Bassa counties. “A victory, however small, will give Weah a mandate.”

For the people of Liberia, he said, the outcome of December 8 is even more important. “Today, on social media, I listened with great concerns to the Minister of Finance, Hon. Samuel Tweah, saying that people should vote for CDC candidates because the only way the country can develop is to make Weah a ‘benevolent dictator’, — exact words — so that the President could carry out projects as he feels, without anyone checking.”

“This is bad on several levels. First, Tweah is breaking the law by openly campaigning while serving as an official of government. Second, it is dangerous because it comes from the man who holds the purse of the nation,” he said. 

Mr. Dukulé said that the biggest danger of Tweah’s statement is the open threat to democracy. “Liberia has lived under autocracy, one way or the other since anyone can remember. President William Tubman, who stayed in power for close to three decades, was the archetype of autocracy. After him, the country found itself stranded in a culture of bad governance, corruption, and nepotism.”

“Ten percent of the Liberian population got killed because the country was trying to free itself from the scourges of autocracy. Calling on Liberians to vote for legislators to turn Weah into a “benevolent dictator” is at best a reckless statement,” he said, noting that this makes it compelling for the opposition to win and for Liberians to vote for those who want to preserve democracy.

“December 8 is an important date. The future of democracy depends on it. Tweah is not just anyone in the Weah administration. If he is dreaming about turning the already overwhelming presidency into a dictatorship, well, that may be the plan being discussed. It must be stopped,” he said. 

However, this is not the first time that Minister Tweah has spoken of making President Weah a dictator and the CDC a perpetual ruling party. 

His latest comments about making Weah “Benevolent Dictator” reminds many of a similar assertion made in 2017 that President Weah and the CDC will rule Liberia for the next fifty years.

“President Weah and the CDC will rule this country for 50 years. Thank God our country is back into our hands,” the then senior strategist of the CDC told journalists immediately after the National Elections Commission (NEC) Chairman at the time, Cllr. Jerome George Korkoya, officially announced Weah as the winner of the 2017 President elections.

Many believe that such disclosure coming from a stalwart of a party that just won an election is a clear indication that what could be considered a perpetual rule by the party has been an issue of lengthy discussions among hierarchy members of the Coalition.


  1. MY TURN: Why Should the Liberian People make WEAH a benevolent DICTATOR?…..A reckless statement from a finance minister who is clamoring to legitimize his sycophancy at the expense of the Liberian People.
    Liberia has been through a lot and this type of statement is not what the country needs now.

    A democratic form of leadership should be maintained and protected all the time. Benevolent leadership system of governance will feed in real dictatorship, intimidation and harassment. So, Mr. Finance Minister, We rebuke your fake statement and the disregard for the peace and tranquility, Liberia is yet to enjoy.

    • For a news outlet which is still suffering its frustration of a democratically elected popular government defeating its ELITIST OLD GENERATION POLITICIANS, and notorious for distortions, inaccuracies, falsehood, etc. MISCONSTRUING a given hypothesis or assumption of a senior official of the very MASSES YOUNG GENERATION POPULAR GOVERNMENT is actually the modus vivendi and modus operandi of such a news out let or its editor or reporter in order to ooze out its misleading, or not fully truthful and of course untrue propaganda as with its usual disinformation.

      By the way, Mr. Editor and Mr. Reporter, before feeding your bunch of zombies who swallow line hook and sinker to every disinformation you emit out here, you should probe your conscience if not even your intellect, and you will see that what we have had in Liberia from 1847 to 2017 has been an absolute MALEVOLENT DICTATORSHIP which only focused on their MINORITY ELITIST SUPER WEALTHY without any concern for the poor the majority, or even the development of the country which are the kingpins of the policies of this government of the Coalition of Democratic Change excellently steered by the transformational young and dynamic President Dr. George Manneh Weah!!!

  2. It is very unfortunate that we voted this government to power. We are embarrassed with statements that are made by top government officials always, this being another one. A benevolent-dictator, what ever you call it, you know the meaning of dictator? Do we need dictator to transform Liberia? We need a Leader that respect the Constitution and mandate to serve the interest of the State. I don’t know if you understand your own statement, you comparing Paul Kingame with Weah, that he (Paul) sits in his room and thinks and takes decisions about the whole Nation; now does Weah think for himself? Are his decisions independent? Does he even understand the working of his own government?

    When you guys become drunk with the Country’s resources at the detriment of the poor citizens, and have nothing to say, just remain silent. Because no one will go after you. Is your time as you may think, act…

  3. And it has come to pass. Concerning the alleged incident which was recorded by the Bong County Superintendent where one could hear the overzealous Finance Minister Samuel Tweah, now commonly known as Mr. Surplus when there is no surplus in the budget, and Minister McGill and perhaps, the Minister of Information in a controversial conversation about eliminating or having to do with executing opponents of the regime. In that recording the alleged voice was said to be that of Samuel Tweah saying, Don’t You Know We Could Have You People Executed ? A secret recording of the alleged controversial statements that led to the immediate suspension of the Superintendent. And now this.
    In all of the political controversial statements by Samuel for a long life presidency, long life benevolent dictator, the question on every mind is, what’s in it for Samuel ? A life time Finance Minister ? Samuel’s December 8 plan is not about only creating a dictator, the real threat to Samuel’s future plan is to see the election of CDC partisans to circumvent the organic law of that country wherever it is necessary politically.
    Neutralized the House of Laws whenever it is possible. And as life time Minister of Finance, no more budget oversight is needed. Control of the Central Bank and the Liberian Revenue Authority are in and under his leadership and influence. Already and under Samuel’s plan, the country has opened up an investment scheme of buying shares in one Asian International Banking Group. In this investment scheme by Samuel, the House of Laws is neutralized without any input concerning whose money is actually being invested ?
    With Samuel and George at the wheel, or in the driver’s seat, and asking to that George be crowned as a “Benevolent Dictator” through the December 8 ballot box for the sole purpose of neutralizing the House of Laws and circumventing the constitution, speak volumes of how dangerous the two have become in their political quests for lifetime POWER . But what the voters of December 8 do not know, will not hurt them. Simply put, in the long run, that will be the cause of their very deaths. Try it and See. The recording is coming to pass as was envisioned by Samuel Tweah in the controversial tape leaked out by the Superintendent of Bong County.

    • James Davis, just how as some elementary student or junior high school drop out you are chronically incapable of preparing a composition comprising paragraphs, so too, understanding the power dynamics of party politicking is impossible for your dull skull!

      If this were not the case regarding your chronic limitations, you would not have to be taught that the sine qua non in incumbent and opposition struggle for power, is outnumbering the other in the legislature or parliament, so as to overcome bad faith filibustering and selfish machinated prevention and obstruction by the opposition vis a vis good faith governmental implementations of agenda, legislations, and policies in THE INTERESTS AND BENEFITS OF THE PEOPLE AND COUNTRY!

      If you had not been so impatient and stopped your education at a junior high school level, or a little beyond, for which you are incapable of expressing your views in paragraphs, you would have gotten familiar with such power dynamics in domestic politics 101 or in fact, in the principles of international politics 404!

  4. If crazy Tweh enjoys being under the leadership of a Dictator who barely reads or write, we don’t. He and Weah can go live in North Korea, China or Russia. We are democrats and strongly believe in the “government of the people, for the people and by the people.”

  5. Well, our fear has been confirmed. We are about getting ready for another blood bath, because we have not learnt our lessons from our civil crises of 1989- 2003!

    Samuel Tweah, the de-facto president of Liberia has just confirmed that fear to make Weah a dictator, just spilled out the thinking of the CDC and its off spring, its led Government. It is Samuel Tweah, who is the President of Liberia, not George Manneh Weah, because he is a figure head!

    It is Samuel Tweah who makes almost all decisions for this figure-head, who just uses his lips to utter them.
    Their strategies are now unfolding in this mid-term elections, to win all the counties, hence they have pumped in hugh amount of cash into the various counties as campaign endorsement to win votes.

    Example is Montserrado, where they forgot about the National Road network to focus on community roads in the county, to the extent the Government candidate is even using MPW’s equipment, constructing community roads and distributing thousands of dollars to various sections of the society, that he has been dubbed as ‘ATM’ machine.

    So President Weah is under siege, as he said sometime ago at the City of Hope Church, some officials of his Government wants him to do certain things, but has refused and he will not those things requested by them.

    A hint, the Military regime in Liberia. thanks.


    Old Man Momo… the people of North Korea, China or Russia are better than you and I. Because our future and security depend greatly on foreign powers. One who does not control his/ her own future, and doesn’t protect himself from foreign foes, are at the mercy of other. Do we have a standing army to protect what we called a DEMOCRACY?
    Samuel Tweh is wrong in proclaiming Weah a ‘benevolent dictator’. If Mr. Weah is a dictator at any means, he was created by the voters of Liberia. What about those other dictators that are created by foreign powers, who sit on the neck of their own people at the approval of foreign foes. Who kill thousands, if not million of his own country men.
    China, North Korea and Russia might be a bad countries. but guess what? They can plan their own future and we can run to them to come and build your airports, seaports. They can offer us loan to help feed your democracy. I bet, we cannot. Because our mental mindset depends on other. When they say “move”, we move. “Run”, we run. “Stop”, we stop. Like a zombie.
    We are practicing ZOMBIE DEMOCRACY! We are at the mercy of others. Whether they like us or not.

    Mamadu S. Bah (N/P) Meridian Health, Adelaide, Australia.

    • Why you good writers as you posed to be can not comprehend these two words: Benevolent Dictator? It’s sad and unfortunate for you guys. now the understanding of these two words, politically means Absolute majority in both houses, the Oper and Lower Houses ( The Legislature). therefore, let’s understand and digest words, statements, etc as it relate to there meaning (s). Long live the Rep. of Liberia and Long live the People of Liberia. God almighty bless you all.

  7. For every day that passes by to watch things unfold, we understand more and more why the CDC wanted to impose the Nigerian-Liberian as head of the NEC.

    In case Weah is transformed into a “benevolent dictator” as pronounced by senior government official Tweah, the Minister of Finance of all person, one of the two personalities currently running the country under King Weah, the Liberian people will equally be transformed into uncharitable cynics to counter his benevolence, beware!

  8. To be a “ benevolent dictator “ Weah will need firstly to expand his power base through nepotism and corruption. Secondly, he will need to instigate a monopoly on the use of force to curb public protest. In other words, he will need to disarm the people and co-opt the military in order to overthrow democracy in favor of dictatorship. Thirdly, he will have to get rid of political opponents either by long term imprisonments or by murdering them. Fourthly, he will have to control the free flow of information(The Press) by turning the media into a propaganda machine for his regime as Adolph Hitler did. This is a huge risk that could possibly end in a disaster the likes of which we have never seen.

  9. Some of us would like to see the direct quote of Finance Minister Samuel Tweah as proof that he actually said GMW should be made a “benevolent dictator”, not a paraphrase, or reference to it. One can understand him arguing that President Paul Kegame is able to accomplish great things for Rwanda because he has been given a free hand by an accommodating development-minded legislature. Similarly, President Trump is packing the judiciary with Conservative justices, and would like the Republican Party to retain the presidency, and recapture the Lower House to get a free hand.

    For example, President Sirleaf kept on bribing the Legislature with tax dollars to have free hand in passing the Oil Law. Moreover, the outrageous bonanza compensations she gifted legislators were for their unflinching support. Little wonder, then, that nearly all legislatively approved concession agreements were reportedly fraudulent. Tubman was a “benevolent dictator”, therefore, a One Party system was forced on Liberians; President Weah never told anyone about becoming one. Our political journalists should top taking statements out of context. Don’t distract, or divert attention from the CPP violence in Nimba County. Rubbish!

    • See this hypocrite – did you not see the video circulating online (facebook)? Go and look for it and stop tying to seek favor. Your dictatorial days of Samuel Doe when you killed LU students as head of the National Security Agency is not coming back. I’m surprised you’re not quoting your bullshit Shakespeare, Plato, and Satan today. KWASIA!!!

    • You’ve eloquently highlighted why we shouldn’t even contemplate making anyone a “benevolent dictator”, as in the past, we didn’t benefit from the soft ones we experienced.

      Why should we make anyone a “benevolent dictator? Do you need a benevolent dictator to prosper economically and developmentally, or to do what’s right and in the interest of the people?

      Is President Magufuli of Tanzania is benevolent dictator? Is he not doing extremely well with the little power he has? Does a President need more power to do well other than the ones assigned to him/her by the constitution?

      Why are we even having this discussion? Is this something that we should even entertain as a people?

      I hold the view that you don’t need to make anyone a benevolent dictator to do well, as a President grows in legitimacy and authority based on his/her deeds, just how a teenager who carries his/herself well.

  10. Ralph Johnson, or whosoever the foolish liar is, did you send me a freaking video, or, in this era of fake content, should I take on face value every crap on Facebook? Killed UL students and your grandmother, I assume. Liberia is in a bloody mess, because since 1871 when your forefathers lied to overthrow and murder EJ Roye, lying has been the lot of the land. By the way, who stopped you from quoting Machiavelli, Hitler, or even Satan. Most probably, you guys are grasping for an excuse to commit treason; try it this time, and feel the force of the fury of a fed up people. Go and reread Shakespeare’s play “Julius Caesar” – Nonsense!

    • You old killer, I came back For you and your flair for revisionist History – why does it have to do with what I’m saying? Always trying to dodge the main issue and drive a wedge with congau and native sentiments. Yes, you killed students young and old – some of whom could have been your grandma as well as mine. So what is your issue? Am I lying? Did you not serve as boss of NSA? Which one be lie? Did your fake intelligence not lead to many being killed? Go sit down somewhere in Philly and be thankful we haven’t called Homeland on you, Papay!

  11. Wow! Very disappointed by such a pronouncement….I hope it is a tonged cheek statement and even at that, it should not have been made…The is nothing good about “Benevolent Dictator,” and that is not President Weah’s style as a person…

  12. Alias Ralph Johnson

    Let’s stop playing games, perhaps, your Portuguese relatives are killers; no wonder you need bodyguards in Delaware. For your information, I’m not residing in Philly. And if you thought I had time to waste writing intelligence information on students, you’re more of a moron than I imagined. Actually, I don’t blame a performance con artist, rather, I deplore the fools that pay money to fund the circus. Others may shy away from the threats and obscenities you spew while inciting chaos, but I don’t – your kind is a permanent threat to peace in a postwar polarized Liberia.

    • You are one characterless spin master, Sylvester Baghdad Moses. And your benefactors must really appreciate you for the kamikaze-like stances you take on these issues here. But you can tell by your equivocation on this other “Benevolent dictatorship” madness of a suggestion, that you really despise it to the core of your remaining humanity but dare not criticize it in public, for fear of losing your stipend? At least yours is for belly sake, others sell theirs to the devil. In the end, it is the poor regretful mothers that are so heartbroken with the vermin such sons became. Hmm!

      • Dempster Yallah aka Peter Gboyo, let us face the truth here. You and Mr. Sylvester Gayahforh Moses, who is the characterless and heartless beast here? It is you Dempster Yallah aka Peter Gboyo.

        What we mean is that with all the helping hand former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf gave you, your wife Lucia and most of your relatives while she kept you on government payroll and offering your wife a job, what did you wish for her son? You wished her son died in prison while she lives the rest of her retirement years in grief and anguish!

        As I said to you you the last time, you are a very wicked and ungrateful heathen!. And worse, without any actual profession but simply a mere follower. Sylvester Moses is far far above you. He is a highly qualified professional in the national and global strategic field of Intelligence and National Security!. A former Director of the National Security Agency of the Republic of Liberia! A university graduate and and a Scotland Yard Graduate! What do you have to offer your country, a mere neophyte social worker, if this claim of yours is even a fact.

        Did this same Sylvester Moses not serve one of your mentors Amos Sawyer within the capacity of National Security Adviser? He did! What are you? NOTHING? Why you never mind Charles Sirleaf dying in jail? The answer is simple! And it is because you are a characterless heathen. One just imagine how your wife is selling herself down there in Monrovia

        • Mr. J. Nah Tambah, 111, assuming Peter Gboyo is Dempter Yalla, what does his comments here have to do with his wife so that you always find pleasure in dragging her name into discussions here? Are you that intellectually sterile to counter the man’s argument and must therefore resort to these juvenile antics? What if the favor were reciprocated with a census of all the guys that have serviced your wife in the DMV area, I guess that would suit your sewage stock, right? Street urchinism!

          • Dempster Yallah aka Peter Gboyo,, FYI I am not J.Nah Tamba 111. I am T. Nathaniel Tamba 111. Now, in response to your questions. Dempster, put simply, it is because you are a fake character with a very rude and wicked mindset on the one hand, while your wife, on the other, has been of such filthy life and you of an ungrateful, fake, and wicked, character from the days you people lived in the same house in Lakpasee in Monrovia.

            As long as you insult people who are not badmouthing this government, it is you and your wife I shall deal with, since I am well informed and knowledgeable about the opportunist life styles of both of you.

            I began to despise you after knowing how you were paid by Ellen during her two terms for doing nothing really, giving your wife government job, and also several jobs to your relatives, but to see you later wanting the very Ellen to die of grief simply because you are no more on free payroll.

            And secondly, I have observed you been very insulting to Mr. Sylvester Moses and anyone simply because Sylvester Moses or another who is not obsessed as you are in badmouthing this government! Have you forgotten so quickly how you never one day badmouthed the past Government of the Unity Party just because you were being paid to do so?

            Be objective, intellectual, mature, and civilize, and of course ask God for repentance for especially the ungratefulness and wickedness you have meted against someone who put food on the table for you and your family and briefs and panties on the butts of you and your wife.

  13. Yallah Dempster, alias Peter Gboyo

    You are the unprincipled belly-crawler who allegedly was on the Governance Commission’s payroll as a regime defender, hence presuming I am on CDC’s for my stability advocacy. They say evil doers are evil thinkers, but I won’t allow Finance Minister Samuel Tweah’s misuse of the term “benevolent dictator” to be a driver for inciting street protests and probably violence: Not again amid economic stagnation and a pandemic.

    I saw the video, yet understands that a “benevolent dictator” won’t need voters’ “mandate” during the December 8 senatorial race, because an election would not be held. Clearly, the minister is mobilizing CDC base for a landslide victory in order for President Weah, like I rightfully guessed earlier, to fully have a “free hand” in implementing his developmental policies. Undoubtedly, Samuel Tweah has a propensity for exotic phrases like a 2018 use of “weaponizinization of propaganda” to counter anti- establishment misinformation and disinformation.

    As a matter of fact, when he said that, then, I was one of few that questioned the attribution of that term to government. My final critique of the phrase included suggestions that he should leave the spokesperson’s job with the Information Minister. I don’t know Samuel Tweah and never spoke with him. However, though he is expressing frustration with legislative oversight responsibilities inherent in our democracy, his wrongful use of “benevolent dictatorship” shouldn’t be blown out of proportion as a CDC agenda. Once again, this story shouldn’t be a diversionary tactic for the CPP violence in Nimba – foolishness.

  14. Dempster Yallah agent Peter Gboyo

    Apparently, since someone had exposed you before as a regime defender on the payroll of Governance Commissions, you think I’m in the same boat. Well, I saw the video and a “ benevolent dictator” wouldn’t need any “mandate” on December 8, because there won’t be any senatorial election. Finance Minister Tweah is expressing personal frustration with legislative oversight and misused the term “benevolent dictator” in mobilizing he CDC coalition to have a landslide victory that will give President Weah a free hand for his development goals. The guy has a propensity for exotic phrases, and in 2018 used “weaponization of propaganda” to counter anti- establishment misinformation. Therefore, his misuse of the term shouldn’t be an excuse for street protests and violence.

  15. Dempster Yallah alias Peter Gboyo

    I didn’t see my first comment to you, and wrote another before discovering that it appeared; frankly, you don’t deserve two comments. If I may, invite kindred spirits to the tag team against me, and when I wake up, we will have all day.

    • You are a disgrace to our nation! Instead of John Stewart in Liberia promoting TRC Report and its implementation, he should keep quiet. That report is no report without your name being included. on the issue of a “President Samuel D. Tweah” comment on turning his surrogate or his phony into a dictator is a big joke for Liberia and Liberians, because Liberians know how to deal with dictator, like the one you partnered with and abandoned with it became tough! That tribal allegiance that you are promoting and depending in the United States will surely come to an end.
      Let he and cohorts have their field day, this will come to an end if he try does not stop circumventing the laws for his interest.

  16. Posted at 9:12 PM EST on Wednesday, September 9, 2020

    Sylvester Moses is the first person (in this discussion thread) to demonstrate comprehension of the term “benevolent dictator”. I agree that President Tubman is the best example of a Liberian “benevolent dictator”.

    So, the question is — do we want a Tubman 2.0? That’s open to debate.


    On another note, how did posters determine that Dempster Yallah is the same as “Peter Gboyo” ?

    Also, the comment directed at “Ralph Johnson” seems to suggest that he is an alias for Henry Costa.

    If I am correct, then I wonder how did Sylvester Moses make this determination?

    Is it all based on a hunch or some kind of special software ? Just curious.


    P.S. For the record, I am using my real name. No alias here.

    • Tubman HAD NO BENEVOLENCE in his 27 years and tyranny oligarchy. You are just learning about benevolent dictatorship from wikipedia or from this story; hence your chronic limitations on the concepts of both benevolent and malevolent dictatorships.

      Amid Liberia´s booming economy under the dictatorial despotism of the TWP´S OLIGARCHY, what systems of social justice or infrastructural social capitals were erected? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

      THE ROADS from all of the major sources and political subdivisions of the country (Cape Mount, Bomi, Nimba, Bong, Lofa, etc. etc) REMAINED IN THEIR 4TH CENTURY FORM.

      Public heath facilities, education, etc.etc. and institutions of government, not to talk about the swamp areas throughout the nation´s capital remained in their pre-historic forms! Is this what is the definition of benevolence dictatorship to you? Ignorance is no crime! So just keep quiet!

      The fact that America considering Liberia a country under its geopolitical control and within its spehere of influence, hence poured in investments and trade (as a compelling national interests to America´s foreign policy and intelliogence interests) of which the sole beneficiaries were the minority oligarchy, did not and could never make that retrogressive clown and tyrant any benevolent dictator! You simply do not know what is benevolent dictatorship!

  17. According to Wikipedia:

    A benevolent dictatorship is a government in which an AUTHORITARIAN LEADER exercises ABSOLUTE political power over the state but is perceived to do so with regard for BENEFIT of the population as a whole, standing IN CONTRAST to the decidedly malevolent stereotype of a dictator who focuses on HIS AND HIS SUPPORTERS’ SELF-INTERESTS. A benevolent dictator MAY ALLOW for some civil liberties or democratic decision-making to exist, such as THROUGH PUBLIC REFERENDA OR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES WITH LIMITED POWER, and OFTEN MAKES PREPARATIONS for a transition to GENUINE DEMOCRACY during or after their term.

    I have capitalized key expressions and words in the definition above. I hope we can all read English and understand the message, or the contents portrayed. From the above definition, does Weah have a chance or a place of becoming a benevolent dictator?

    Jerry J. Rawlings was a benevolent dictator in Ghana. Today, the country Ghana is a reference in the sub region when it comes to democracy; very good example.
    Paul Kagame cannot, for now, cannot be described a benevolent dictator. True, he works in the interest of his country, allows some civil liberties or democratic decision-making to exist but as long as we have not seen him leave power or transfer power to a genuine democracy, he CANNOT be described as a benevolent dictator.
    Also, Houphouet Boigny CANNOT be described as a benevolent dictator because he was not able to make way for a democratic transition.
    In Europe, General Charles de Gaulle of France can be described as a benevolent dictator.

    With the definition, explanations and examples above, President Tubman cannot in any way be described as a benevolent dictator. In fact, I can described President Tubman as the biggest failure in the Liberian history. Rule a country for 27 years and yet there are not even paved roads to your home county of Maryland, quel gâchis!

    For you guys who come on this blog to denigrate, reveal or uncover and abuse each other, we admonish you to grow up and leave this forum. Liberians on this blog are opposing or supporting their respective parties and leaderships intellectually, solely for the upliftment of our common patrimony.
    If you want to abuse me too, it’s better you don’t reply to my injunction!

  18. Posted at 6:55 PM EST on Thursday, September 10, 2020

    I still retain my position that President Tubman was a “benevolent dictator”.

    I’m not getting into a debate about the pros and cons of the Tubman administration because I like to discuss issues one policy at a time:

    I am talking about Agriculture, Commerce, Communications, Defense, Education, Energy, Finance, Foreign Affairs, Healthcare, Housing, Interior, Justice, Labor, Natural Resources, Public Safety, Transportation, etc.

    When I tried to do the same with Charles DB King’s 10-year-plus administration last July, the other people dropped out one at a time and seemed uninterested in reviewing the facts as laid out in King’s annual addresses.

    They already had their opinions about King and weren’t opened to a comprehensive discussion of his administration.

    If they couldn’t debate 10 years and change, why should I expect them to debate 27 year?

    • So Renford, if you cherished “benevolent-dictatorship” of the Tubman veneer, would you embrace extra-judicial killing also? After all a dictator with unbridled power could kill any citizen or group of citizens at the whim, in the name of safeguarding the peace and security of society. It might also interest you to note that our erstwhile internecine war, was a cumulative outburst as a result of a century and half of injustice and misrule, encompassing your cherished Tubmanic era. Just so you’d know.

  19. Mr. Peter Gboyo, it is absolutely misleading to want others to believe that the Liberian war was the consequence of injustice and misrule. If this thought of yours had an iota of truth, then there would have been such wars IN ALL African, Asian, and Arab countries where such injustices and misrule were the norms, culture, policy, and style of governance. And you know it

    The fact that some of you were used by the founders and members of those bandits calling themselves NFFL AND ACDL who sole purpose for waging war was to mask their personal and selfish financial desires and selfish political ambitions behind the rhetoric of change, should not be a cause for you to believe you can mislead the educated! No! Never!

    As for your beating of some sense into that boy=s head about what Tubman was really, we applaud you, Mr. Peter Gboyo!!! And for you Tubman fan, describing Tubman as a benevolent dictator, one would not be not surprised to see you describe Muammar Qadaffi as A SAINT, since of course had it not been for his massive extra judicial killings, and other forms of injustices and despotism, history would have classed him a benevolent dictator.

  20. Secondly, one should not be surprised to see this Renford Walsh or whatever he calls himself believing that Idi Amin was a benevolent dictator, since Britain,, Israel, and the rest of the West were key backers of Idi Amin=s coup and dictatorship with a booming economy as was the case with US and the rest of the West being the suppliers and rear guards for Tubman=s dictatorship of GROWTH WITHOUT DEVELOPMENT!

    Look, you second generation settler descendant with your divisive mentality, you better keep quiet and learn from people like Mr. True Nationalist while desisting from attempting to push your luck too far.

    • Two things I can assure you, Dortu-Siboe Doe, all your stupidities aside, you are no match for Renford when it comes to intellectualism or your patented juvenile frolics. Renford is a “PhD,” when it comes to those calisthenics. I know so, because we have been gladiators as such for the best part of two decades and counting. Just so you’d know. As for your other vacuous talks, I’ll pretend I didn’t even see it. Darn sewage rat!

      • Mr. Peter Gboyo, know ye forthwith and henceforth that you are wrong believing I am that name you are attributing to me or labeling me to be.FYI, I am Gio and Kpelleh taking into account my tribal backgrounds. And that name is clearly a Kru name. In fact, others have made similar error or deliberate act!

        However, when I tried investigating who the hell they may be referring to, I have not found anything on that name or individual. Hence, in most instances when some,, make similar misidentification as you have done here, I simply ignore them..

        Secondly, my imputation of an individual or group been aiders or accomplices of these war criminals of the ACDL and the NPFL is simply based on the fraudulent conclusion and reason such individuals share with the principals in the first and second degrees of Liberian war criminals that the war was the result of misrule and injustices. I take similar position who spew the misrepresentation that the whole nation is responsible for the war.

        So, get it straight that you are taking me to be someone who I do not know and I am not. As for your relationship with and description of that ignoramus who you once implied a fraud and a goggle wiz, the facts speak for themselves that I am far above such dispositional insanity and mental illiteracy.

  21. Mr. Walsh,

    There are issues that can ignite intellectual debates. There are some others, when brought to your attention, do not merit your precious time.

    I would like to hold debate on whether Jerry J. Rawlings of Ghana was a benevolent dictator. Such debate can move me to look up the definition of a benevolent dictator, physically assess the realizations of JJ Rawlings and how he transferred power as well as the current democratic process underway in the country.
    Such debate worth holding because from history and from Ghanaian friends and families, everyone knows where Ghana was and where JJ Rawlings took it and what Ghana has become today, a country which gained its independence in just 1957, after 110 years of existence of Liberia.

    Mr. Walsh wants us to believe that CDB King did something for Liberia, nothing positive Sir!
    Yes, he did something in Liberia. He was one of those who inflicted ills and animosities against indigenous Liberians.
    In no way you will convince me that that notorious criminal against the indigenous people of Liberia was of any good to Liberia. He was a criminal and good candidate for hell. I hope his soul is burning in hell to date.

    Again, Mr. Walsh wants some of us to praise useless and ritualist Tubman, why? The guy claimed to be from Maryland, can you drive on a paved road to Maryland to date after 27 years of his reign?
    JJ Rawlings did not lead his country for 27 years, but the Volta Region has some of the finest roads in Ghana.
    Houphouet Boigny of Cote d’Ivoire transformed his little village into a beautiful touristic city which has eventually been transformed into the political capital of the country.
    Take a look at Rwanda, please try and visit the country. It is a landlocked country where the leadership knows that the human capital is paramount to the sanity and sanctity of any civilization.

    What did your Tubman do? Let’s forget the rest of Liberia and focus on his home county of Maryland, do you have a ferry plying to the county? A plane dropping off people in the county? Can you drive to Maryland at this time of the year? Economically, is the location viable in anyway? Come on Mr. Walsh!

    I will NOT debate 10 or 27-year hypocrisies and dehumanization. I want to debate with concrete proofs, not useless and misleading speeches. If you are interested in arousing speeches, take Taylor’s, you will be amused!
    There is nothing to boast of in Agriculture, Commerce, Communications, Defense, Education, Energy, Finance, Housing, Interior, Justice, Labor, Natural Resources, Public Safety, Transportation, etc.
    There were some stints when it comes to Foreign Affairs and Healthcare, but not sustainable achievements.

    You belong to a group of people that needs serious change of mentality in Liberia. You call us, the indigenous people “heathens”, “country assess”, etc.
    The “country assess” too have begun to revolt. Do you see the consequential effects we are all living?
    Some of you are still indulged in stupid segregation in Liberia. In fact, some of you only pretend to mingle with the rest of Liberians during elections to win their votes. They are no longer stupid; the result is the mediocre government they have voted.
    And you know very well that you are not fully integrated into any society outside Africa. You yearn to come home and live rich and flashy lives but not willing to positively cohabit with the “country assess”.

    Peter Tosh sang and I quote, “Don’t care where you come from, No mind your nationality, No mind your complexion, No mind denomination, As long as you’re a black man, Your’re from Africa”

    Let;s learn to live together in accordance with the Christian principles on which Liberia was founded. Let’s not give a negative connotation to “Christian Principles”.

    Join the train of change, talk out your children and extended families, accept the people who gave you their land, then join the ANC to make our land a place for mankind, irrespective of origin, tribe, denomination, race and belief.

    May God forgive some people who claim to be Liberians!

  22. Mr. Renford Walsh,
    I am staggered by your comment that spews a complete falsehood. Your observation goes like this, “the other people dropped out one at a time and seemed uninterested in reviewing the facts”. You write like a good guy. I mean it! From time to time, our ideas do not coincide. But in this latest issue, your action present you as a wisenheimer.

    I am one of those commenters who challenged you on principle. I did so because Akerele King’s “Open Letter” to Mr. Weah was not about CDB King per se, but rather about her distorted observations about the present government of George Weah. In that thread (just to borrow your word), commenters disagreed with A. King because of her naivety in terms of comparing EJS’s government with Weah’s. You came to A. King’s defense by digging up all the good things CDB King was alledged to have anticipated or done during his presidency.

    Of course, you had all the right to defend CDB. King. Sadly, throughout your argument, you refused to acknowledge the fact that King was a notorious president who committed all kinds of atrocities during his presidency. In fact, I fact-checked some of the things you said CDB King did in Maryland county, Liberia. For instance, your research showed that CDB King installed or made plans to install a radio station in Maryland county. When I consulted with older Marylanders about that issue, none of them agreed with your finding. Let’s not forget this important fact of life…..just because something is written or alledged to have been done or anticipated, doee not mean it is correct.

    Comrade Walsh, I didn’t drop out because I was uninterested in “reviewing the facts”. You are dead wrong on this one. I didn’t google the issue of a CDB King radio station being built in the county of Maryland. But I consulted with a good number of Knowledgeable Marylanders on this topic. Every one of the people I contacted, disputed such a claim.

  23. Posted at 7:40 PM EST on Friday, September 11, 2020

    Amazing !!!!!

    Some of the participants in these discussions clearly have some serious problems of comprehension.

    There are lots of comments here that need to be addressed. I shall try to do so in chronological order. I may not complete all today. So, please bear with me.

  24. Posted at 7:48 PM EST on Friday, September 11, 2020


    First, let’s take a look at the comment history.

    Tuesday, Sept 8, 2020 [ 3:39 PM Liberian Time] : Sylvester Moses referred to President Tubman as a “benevolent dictator”.


    Thursday, September 10, 2020 [ 1:12 AM Liberian Time]:

    I wrote — “Sylvester Moses is the first person (in this discussion thread) to demonstrate comprehension of the term “benevolent dictator”. I agree that President Tubman is the best example of a Liberian “benevolent dictator”. “


    Thursday, September 10, 2020 [10:55 PM Liberian Time]:

    I wrote —- “ I still retain my position that President Tubman was a “benevolent dictator”. “


    Now, here I am seeing a possible interpretation by Peter Gboyo that I may have “…. cherished “benevolent-dictatorship” of the Tubman veneer.…“ .


    As if that’s not bad enough, others may have bought the same interpretation.

    Did any of my critics notice that I used quotation marks with the words “benevolent dictator”?

    Did they forget that I simply concurred with Sylvester Moses?

    Did they bother to digest why Mr. Moses concluded that Tubman was a “benevolent dictator” ?

  25. Posted at 7:55 PM EST on Friday, September 11, 2020

    Let’s try another method.

    What if I said – “Weah is the best example of a ‘messianic figure’ “?

    How would it be interpreted by readers?

    Would they conclude that I regard Weah as a messiah?

    Would they conclude that I have noticed how others regard him as a messiah?

    Again, pay attention to the quotation marks.

  26. Saying one (whether a sovereign leader or an ordinary individual) is a messianic figure whether in quotation or not,, connotates that person having the semblance or appearance of a messiah, but in reality the person is not.. Just as light and darkness have nothing in common (despite been natural phenomenon respectively), so too, BENEVOLENCE AND MALEVOLENCE have nothing in common, despite the fact the political concept of dictatorship can be attributed to both.

    Accordingly, with the dictator, tyrant, and despot, Tubman GROWTH WITHOUT DEVELOPMENT which exacerbated the then existing social inequalities as he Tubman and his felloe 1 percent of the population owning all the wealth of the country while the rest the vast majority perpetually lived in abject poverty, with all of their social, economic, political, and legal rights trampled on by him dictator and despot Tubman, even Tubman himself could never ever claim he had any semblance of a benevolence in his dictatorship.

    Your attempt to mask your fraudulent disposition with the punctuation of quotation, smells in the heavens, and cannot pass the scrutiny of reason or epistemology! You were simply making such utterance out of ignorance, and your usual trademark of falsehood.

    The fact of the matter is your ignorance of the concepts of a benevolent dictator and a malevolent dictator compounded with your your usual trademark of falsehood, made you to confuse the malevolent dictatorship of Tubman with benevolent dictatorship.

    So, this is not about whatever punctuation…be it quotation or otherwise! For of course, it is inter alia linguistically wrong, intellectually insane, reasonably..fraudulent, and epistemologically sickening and abominable, to say etc. “Satan is the best example of a divine figure’ “ simply because of your ignoramus understanding of the usage of quotation, and bizarre unfamiliarity of the sine qua non of the linguistical phenomenon of CONNOTATION!


  27. Posted at 2:52 PM EST on Monday, September 14, 2020

    Look who’s talking about the use of punctuation marks.

    Isn’t this the same person who placed quotation marks on John Weah’s comments earlier this month and was called out for his his serial dishonesty?

    Didn’t he do the same to me last July in the discussion thread about Olubanke King-Akelere’s open letter ?

    The bottom line is that some of the people who come here to post on the ‘Daily Observer’ lack reading comprehension skills and others are just simply mendacious.

    I am no supporter of Tubman. I have neither stated not implied such.

    I also do not believe in dictatorship.

    So, all I did was concurred with Sylvester Moses’ characterization of Tubman as a “benevolent dictator”.

    It’s quite interesting to note how some people are attacking me while refraining from doing same with Hon. Moses.

    It’s also interesting to note how the same people have declined to challenge my supposition that
    “…. Weah may be the best example of a ‘messianic figure’ …” if that term were used.

  28. Posted at 3:31 PM EST [7:31 PM LIBERIAN TIME] on Monday, September 14, 2020



    Mr. Hney has asserted that I went to Mr. CDB king’s defense by “…. digging up all the good things CDB King was alledged [sic] to have anticipated or done during his presidency…”.

    This falsehood is part of the problem.

    I do not spend time defending Liberian presidents ( or presidential aspirants). All I do is discuss issues about their respective administrations (or proposals) while classified under policy sectors like AGRICULTURE, EDUCATION, HEALTH, etc.

    I did so for President Tolbert in 1998 (and granted permission for it to be posted on Liberian-Connection’s website). It is still there

    I did so for President Doe in 1999 and the late Bodioh Siapoh of COPLA posted it. It’s also online.

    I did the same thing for President King two(2) months ago.

    Even though I did not cover every sector, I pointed out shortfalls like King’s own admission that the increase in OVERALL EDUCATION ( public, private, etc.)represented only 3.83 % of the school-age children in 1926 [ 9,563 of 250,000].

    I also said that even though PUBLIC EDUCATION enrollment quadrupled between 1921 and 1923, the pupil-teacher ratio changed from a more favorable ratio of 33 students per teacher to 58.7 students per teacher.

    Again, if it were all about defending King, I would have simply concealed those facts

    My comments were posted at 4:32 PM LIBERIAN TIME on Tuesday, July 21, 2020 and remain unedited.



  29. POSTED at 3:38 PM EST [ 7:38 PM LIBERIAN TIME] on Monday, September 14, 2020


    As for the RADIO STATION issue, I did clarify that I was referring to RADIO COMMUNICATION STATION for two-way communication within Liberia (Monrovia vs. Harper, etc.) and between Liberia and the USA.

    I wasn’t talking about a radio station like ELBS, BBC, or VOA which can only be heard by listeners.

    Again, my clarification was submitted at 11:27 PM LIBERIAN TIME [3:27 PM EST] on Thursday, July 16, 2020. It remains there unedited.


    Regarding my claim that HNEY abandoned the discussion thread.

    The record also reveals that at 5:03 PM LIBERIAN TIME on July 16, 2020 , Mr. Petraeus Dolo told HNEY the following — “….You need to ignore Mr. Walsh’s rants….”.

    HNEY responded at 5:13 PM of same date by stating :
    “…Hon. Dolo,

    You are mighty right. I will not respond to Walsh anytime soon. I do not want him to be left with the impression that his fairy tales (as you rightly said it) are convincing….”

    Thereafter, Hney ceased participating in the discussion so I am correct when I say that he abandoned the thread.

    I don’t understand why he is now denying his own comments which remain online and unedited.


    Anyone who wants to confirm what I just posted should GOOGLE a combination of my names and the word “Olubanke” (as in olubanke King-Akelere).

    In essence, GOOGLE the terms “ renford walsh olubanke”. The GOOGLE result will take you to the LiberianObserver story caption “Open Letter to Minister of Health and Government of Liberia”.

    Scroll down to the date/time stamps I posted above and verify what I am asserting. After that, please take the time off to read the thread from the beginning.

    I must warn you though that there are 117 comments and the discussion lasted 16 days (July 3 – 19, 2020).


  30. POSTED AT 9:10 PM EST on Wednesday, September 16, 2020


    I have finally found the time to respond to Petarus Dolo’s rants about me which were posted last week. I won’t address every issue raised. I prefer to deal with a select few.

    Petarus Dolo wrote the following :

    #1. “….Mr. Walsh wants us to believe that CDB King did something for Liberia, nothing positive Sir!..”

    #2. “….In no way you will convince me that that notorious criminal against the indigenous people of Liberia was of any good to Liberia….”

    #3. “….You belong to a group of people that needs serious change of mentality in Liberia.

    #4. “….You call us, the indigenous people “heathens”, “country assess”, etc….”

    #5. “….Some of you are still indulged in stupid segregation in Liberia….”

    #6. “….some of you only pretend to mingle with the rest of Liberians during elections to win their votes….”


  31. POSTED AT 9:15 PM EST on Wednesday, September 16, 2020


    #1. I have already pointed out what CDB king did in the areas of Transportation, Communications, Energy, and Education.

    I am always willing to proceed with other areas like Healthcare, Public Safety, Justice, etc. if people are interested in serious discussion.

    #2. A few samples of good things by CDB King include —

    a.) balanced budget and surpluses

    b.) tax reform to ensure that Americo-Liberians pay their fair share of taxes

    c.)an infirmary for military troops as well as establishment of government hospital

    d.) convened a national conference of chiefs in Suehn, pursued nationalization of police force

    e.) devised motor vehicle regulations

    f.) attracted international investment ( Firestone) that created 10,000 direct jobs

    g.) advocated for establishment of regulations for the medical and legal professions.

    #3. I am an INDIVIDUALIST, not a COMMUNALIST. I do not subscribe to any activity that is perceived or allegedly perpetrated by Americo-Liberians. I think for myself and not as part of a group.


  32. POSTED AT 9:19 PM EST on Wednesday, September 16, 2020


    #4. I don’t use the words “COUNTRY ASSES” to describe indigenous persons. One can be indigenous without being country. One can also be country without being indigenous.

    I use the terms to describe people who repeatedly exhibit behavior far beyond mere uncivilized acts. These people include some Americo-Liberians, Americans, and others. It is not even confined to the black race.

    #5. I don’t believe in any alleged or perceived “segregation” attributed to Americo-Liberians. I live a private life hardly in contact with Liberians. If there are some people who subscribe to such notion, I am not part of them, for I am an INDIVIDUALIST.

    #6. I haven’t visited Liberia since 1998 so I would obviously not be part of any group of people who allegedly visit Liberia during elections .


  33. POSTED AT 12:41 AM EST on Thursday, September 17, 2020

    This is becoming a bit exhausting.

    I clearly showed earlier that HNEY wrote to Petarus Dolo, in reference to me, on JULY 16, 2020 at 5:13 PM Liberian time in the thread captioned

    ” Open Letter to Minister of Health and Government of Liberia “.

    I provided a way to pull up the thread by suggesting to readers that they GOOGLE the terms or GOOGLE “renford walsh olubanke” to pull up the thread from two months ago.

    Yet, here I am being asked to show where he wrote the words “fairy tale” .

    How hard is it to dredge the dormant thread and scroll through to the appropriate time line ?

    Okay, I’ll dredge the thread for everyone to see.

  34. Mr. Walsh, Mr. Walsh, Mr. Walsh!

    How I admire your tenacity in the defense of former notorious and useless presidents of Liberia.

    Since 1847, the people from Lofa and the southeastern region are still cutoff from the rest of country.
    From just 1957 and 1960, the people of Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire drive on paved roads from any major region to the capital to sell their produce.

    Since 1847, the people of Liberia beyond Gbarnga do not have access to their national television, cannot be reached on landline phones (thank God the mobile phone came to Liberia), etc.
    From just 1957 and 1960, the people of Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire can monitor their national televisions even beyond their borders (into Liberia and other sub regional countries), can speak to their children from any village in Europe and the Americas, etc.

    Since 1847, not even all of Monrovia, the political and commercial capital city of Liberia, has been electrified. Can we then say the rest of Liberia enjoyed development in energy? Thank God some of us were born in concessional areas. There are children of Liberia who did not use or sleep under electricity until the war in Liberia, good job CDB King and others.
    From just 1957 and 1960, all major cities and towns in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire are electrified, almost 80% of villages and hamlets in these two countries have electricity and pipe borne water for the citizenry (not just for the privileged few).

    Allow me to stop here because as I write about these things, I become revolted and sometimes lose heart. My God said we should forgive; we are learning to do so.

    You see Mr. Walsh, the ANC will find the antidote to the contentious virus in Liberia called “stupidness”.
    Those past rogues (rulers), their families and friends would come to power, dash our natural resources to dodgy companies and corrupt businessmen and then repatriate the proceeds to the Americas or Europe for themselves and families. Such families only turn back to Liberia when they are going broke and want to get some cash in their pockets.

    We see a lot of their gesticulations alongside political novice Weah. Why will a small country of less than 5 million inhabitants have as many concessional contracts as present-day Liberia yet have a continually annual budget of half a billion dollars?
    Why will Liberians be out of jobs; living from hand to mouth in most cases, barely with access to a meal per day?

    We will tactfully put some “sense” in people’s brains and make Liberia a place for all where prosperity will abound, and the people will begin to hold festivities for loved ones and friends in gaiety.

    “You can fool some people sometimes, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” Our forefathers and fathers’ eras are over. Ours will write a new page in the history of our country. Get ready to accept this unstoppable change, it is our resolve!

    May God bless Liberia!

  35. POSTED AT 11:05 AM EST on Monday, September 21, 2020

    One reason why I love PUBLIC POLICY is the reliance on data. I like to deal with facts, not fantasies nor perceptions. In contrast, POLITICS relies heavily on falsehood and this thread is a good example of the contrast.

    At no time have I ever sought to DEFEND CDB KING or any other president.

    At no time have I ever sought to DEFEND the leader of any current political party (Weah, Cummings, Urey, etc.).

    Basically, my purpose here is to analyze POLICIES. I look at the past – in the cases of Tolbert, Doe, Taylor, Sirleaf, King, etc. — and sort through the evidence, like a juror, or a judge (in a bench trial) would do.

    I use the government agencies as a guide. So, I discuss issues like AGRICULTURE, COMMERCE, COMMUNICATIONS, DEFENSE, EDUCATION, ENERGY, HEALTHCARE, HOUSING, etc.

    Some day, I may do the same for Weah since he is almost midway in his term. I may also do the same for Sirleaf since she was president for 12 years.

    If Cummings and other opposition leaders had clear-cut policy proposal specified in 100- or 200- or 300- page proposals on EACH POLICY SECTOR, I would do the same.

    Agreeing with Weah or Cummings or Urey or another person on one or more policy issue should not be construed as endorsement or DEFENSE.

    Pointing out limitations of policy implementation based on economic hardship in a particular fiscal year (or decade) should never be construed as DEFENSE.

    I am NOT A MEMBER OR SYMPATHIZER of any Liberian political party or candidate.

    I will NOT SUPPORT ANY POLITICAL ENTITY in 2023 or 2029.

    The fact that some still can not get it after almost three (3) months says a lot about the challenges Liberia faces.

    The fact that another person posting as “Peter Gboyo” still doesn’t get it after internet contact with me spanning 20 years speaks volumes about the severity of the problem.

  36. POSTED at 11:19 AM EST on Monday, September 21, 2020

    Mr. Dolo continues to go around the mulberry bush and refuses to even access the reference source – D. Elwwod Dunn’s book – to confirm what I’ve written about CDB king. The same can be said about HNEY, another person who stubbornly refuses to read and read carefully.

    After posting defamatory comments about me being part of a group of people who believe in “…stupid segregation”, Mr. Dolo has now returned to his usual tactic of comparing Liberia to other west African countries because he refuses to acknowledge his error in lumping me with others.

    Again, I have not visited Liberia since 1998 so I don’t know how I could be a part of a group of people who “…pretend to mingle with the rest of Liberians during elections to win their votes…”.

    The fact is, I hardly see Liberians nor talk to them, except for a handful .

    I have no Facebook friends and I estimate that I’ve had no more than 20 phone exchanges with Liberians in this entire decade.

    About half was back in 2010 when I solicited information on Edina, Liberia from people resident in Liberia. Another 6 to 8 was related to the ebola period of 2014. My last phone call was in 2016 to a longtime friend.

    I haven’t associated with my local community since 2005.

    Most of my college schoolmates, particularly those from the UL Science college, have not seen me since 1995. Others have not seen me since 1990. There is also no photograph of mine online.

    So, I don’t know how I could be a part of a group of Americo-Liberians who believe in “stupid segregation”.

    I am also on the record as one who lauded the efforts of the “progressives” who acted on behalf of ordinary folks back in the 1970s. I praised MOJA and other people in an article with a caption

    I chastised another person – Ike Coleman—who had written critical remarks about the progressives.

    I also criticized Wotorson and other opposition figures for declining to provide policy prescriptions to Liberia’s problems.

    The article is still online at “theperspective[dot]org” ‘s website.

    It was published on September 27, 2002. Anyone who claims that he/she can not verify it is either dishonest or has some serious technological challenges to overcome.

  37. POSTED AT 11:33 AM EST ON Monday, September 21, 2020


    Here are excerpts of the article I wrote back in 2002.


    “….For the record , I disagree with some of the things written by Ike Coleman . I think he wasn’t fair to many of the “progressives” . I also think that he failed to note some of the contributions they made in the 1970’s. I can name quite a number of persons who did a lot of positive things in the 1970’s. Names like Amos Sawyer , Togba-Nah Tipoteh , and Patrick Seyon stand out . These were men who understood that they could not just challenge the TWP political apparatus without doing the necessary prep work. So, they focused first on conscientizing the multitude, they pressed for issues like accurate elections results [as exemplified by Seyon’s reported doubts about the number of votes received by Tolbert in 1975], they worked for removal of the property clause to allow the majority to vote [as evident by Sawyer’s prime focus during the 1979 municipal elections], and they advocated self-empowerment of the majority [as evident by Tipoteh et al’s SUSUKUU] …..” —– [PARAGRAPH 2 OF THE ARTICLE]


    “…..Some, like Ike Coleman, choose to relegate the entire effort of the progressives into the wastebasket while others like me choose to do a balancedanalysis by pointing out the positive contributions made by the “progressives”and criticizing them on issues where they appeared to be wrong . So, there are many of the younger generation out there who are angry with the older politicos . We just differ in our expression of that anger….. “ —– [PARAGRAPH 4 OF THE ARTICLE]

    “….It’s one thing to criticize Taylor all year long but it’s another to realize that the problems that face Liberia are far more complex than the debate on Taylor versus ‘no Taylor’. In the eyes of some of us, the opposition hasn’t shown us a roadmap to get us out of this mess and I will be one person who will NEVER sign on to any bandwagon which can not demonstrate that it represents the “real deal”….” — [PARAGRAPH 28 OF THE ARTICLE]

    “…..There are so many issues that need to be considered. Issues like opposition objectives on policy matters like better student -teacher ratios, dollar-pupil ratios, physician-patient ratios, and other education and health indicators. The opposition hasn’t told us yet how they would tackle many of these longstanding problems . They haven’t told us how long it would take to tackle such problems. They haven’t even addressed issues like the kind of salaries that would be paid to teachers, doctors, nurses, janitors, drivers, messengers, and other government employees. What are they waiting for ? Should they remove Taylor from office before conducting the research and displaying the blueprints? No, that won’t sell!!! And I don’t think the Liberian people will have patience for people to use positions of power to research such issues. Research should be done prior to accession to office . Thereafter, the focus should beon IMPLEMENTATION and POLICY REVIEW …..” —– [PARAGRAPH 29 OF THE ARTICLE]

  38. Mr. Walsh,

    I will continue to go around this mulberry bush until YOU, Mr. Walsh, NOT ME, can understand me. Also, unless you get the points I make, I will continue to compare Liberia with other West African countries. Finally, I do not know you, I have never seen you but from your writings and the bitter narratives of the man who fathered me about a group of people in Liberia, I will continue to lump you with Liberian “slave masters” and “stupid segregationists” until proven wrong.

    Let me try to explain myself again.
    Petarus Dolo will NEVER waste his PRECIOUS TIME on any reference source of developments by our past useless and mean rulers, slave masters and hypocrites; be it by D. Elwwod Dun or whosoever.
    Petarus Dolo would have loved to see those developments in every sector when his intellectual eyes got opened, as it is the case for the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Rwanda, etc.

    Let’s look at the policies you want us to analyze:

    Besides Tolbert, tell me who had and implemented a better policy for Liberia? Some sold almost 30% of our rich rainforests to Firestone (a foreign company) and immigrated to the USA with their families and loved ones with the proceeds. I am NOT against this privatization or the company Firestone, but there should have been some national interests enshrined in this deal. To date, there is NONE!
    I am citing Tolbert because to date, I can physically see the huge government farms he started. The ultimate vision in developing those farms was to make Liberia industrious in a decade or two. To meet such goal, he embarked on educating Liberians (irrespective of being an Americo-Liberian, a Congau or a country ass) abroad to make this dream a reality. Unfortunately, he met an untimely and gruesome end. May his soul rest in peace and may the Tolbert family forgive Liberia.
    Mr. Walsh, this is what we call SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT; the French man calls it “Dévelopment Durable” because it is durable within time and for generations.

    Besides the educational opportunities provided by Tolbert, which president ever cared about educating Liberians?
    Mr. Walsh, you are a big and educated man, but you don’t seem to be realistic! Sorry if this one hurts you but allow me to say what I think bluntly without polishing.
    Look at the educational landscape of Liberia, from infrastructure to graduates, what can you show that can be attributed to past Liberian governments? I have partially toured Liberia, the best educational infrastructures were built by missionaries; Catholic, Methodist, Baptist and Lutheran churches. And the brightest of our minds were groomed by those church organizations and groupings.
    I bet, Mr. Walsh, was educated by one of these church organizations. Why would you want me to take up my precious time to go digging into imbecilities a dubious individual had written to fill his pocket with some cash? Nonsense! Let’s use our common sense.

    In the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Rwanda, the best education and educational infrastructures are provided by the government. The private sector comes in to fill unmet needs; mostly those who cannot meet up with high government educational standards.

    The Mount Coffee Hydropower built in 1966 with an initial power generating capacity of 30 MW (just for them and their settlements – God will see you selfish people), was increased to 64 MW in 1973 (thanks be to Tolbert, the only good president we stupidly killed).
    Besides Monrovia and then Bong Mines, Lamco Yekepa and Lamco Buchanan (due to foreign concession companies), tell me which cities in Liberia have planned ancient or modern electricity infrastructures and installations? Young Liberians, none at all yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    There was “some kind” of electricity in our administrative headquarters like Gbarnga, Sanniquellie, Ganta, Voinjama, etc. but not professional and usually run by dodgy private people, usually the person who will have to put some cash in their pockets.

    Ghana’s Akossombo Dam, built between 1961 and 1965, had an initial capacity of 913 MW (for a country and its people irrespective of color, race and tribe) but later upgraded to 1,020 MW. The Dam supplied electricity to Benin, Togo and the Ivory Coast.
    Currently, the Ivory Coast has 4 dams and now partly supplies electricity to Ghana, Burkina, Mali and recently Guinea and Liberia.
    These are countries with vision for industrialization. You don’t industrialize a country with the vain passion or with unschooled rulerships like Weah. Read about the history of the leaders of those countries and their vision for humanity (not just for the privileged few).

    Mr. Walsh, expect me to come back and comment on other sectors, then I will conclude. I hope you can see why we don’t see eye to eye on your perception of development POLICIES.
    Some people are daydreaming in Liberia of making the country industrious, with what energy? With the foolishness or play being done at LEC? Wake up man!

    Liberia is not doomed!


    I have finally found the time to post additional comment(s) in this discussion thread.

    Before proceeding further, I urge readers to scroll through past comments to get a gist of the discussion.

    #1. Sylvester Moses posted that President Tubman was an example of “benevolent dictator”. I concurred.

    #2. Three persons came after me for concurring with Mr. Moses. One claimed that I “cherished” Tubman’s presidency. Another claimed that I would defend people like Idi Amin and Muamer Qadhaffi. The third person assumed, incorrectly, for the nth time, that I am here to defend people like CDB king [ and Tubman]. Interestingly, these people didn’t take Mr. Moses to task. Makes you wonder.

    #3. Of particular interest to me was Petarus Dolo’s LIES that I am part of a group of people who visit Liberia during elections and his LIE that I am a part of some group subscribing to “stupid segregation”.

    #4. I provided information to disprove Mr. Dolo wrong. I stated that I have not visited Liberia since 1998. I also left Liberia in 1995 so I have NOT been present for any of the last four(4) elections – 1997, 2005, 2011, and 2017. I also don’t have much contact with Liberians in person, via email, via Facebook. I am, in many respects, a reclusive person RELATIVE to Liberians.

    #5. I provided information about an online article of mine published in 2002 which contradicts Mr. Dolo’s LIES about me being an Americo-Liberian segregationist. That online article included praise of MOJA operatives for their advocacy of majority Liberians in the 1970s. I wonder what so-called “segregationist” of Americo-Liberian stock would praise the “progressives” for acts committed during the 1970s.

    #6. Instead of acknowledging his LIES about me, he resorted to his usual tactic of comparing Liberia’s underdevelopment to other African countries.

    #7. What Mr. Dolo fails to realize is that Liberia had a hard scrabble evolution. It wasn’t a “trust fund baby” like Cote D’Ivoire, which benefited from France’s aid before and after independence.

    #8. Mr. Dolo also cited Ghana’s Akosombo project and compared to Liberia’s hydroelectric plant. What he didn’t state was the source of financing. It would do him well to read about it in Wikipedia and see that a foreign company called Volta Aluminum Company lent money to Ghana. If he reads further, and I hope he really does, he’ll note that other financers included the USA, the UK (Ghana’s colonial master), and the International Bank for Reconstruction & Development (IBRD).

    #9. Mr, Dolo claimed that the low output of Liberia’s hydroelectric plant [ 30 MW] was deliberately designed to benefit a few, particularly the elites in Monrovia. If we rely on his line of thinking [ I won’t call it reasoning], then the international donor community was also part of a grand conspiracy to construct Liberia’s post-war hydroelectric plant with output of 88MW. Keep in mind that Monrovia, and its environs, with a 1 million-plus population, needs over 1,000 MW. Yet, we only got 88 MW. And guess what? The international community has joined those “wicked” Americo-Liberian “segregationists” to deprive the vast multitude of people from accessing electricity. All hail Mr. Dolo !!!!

    #10. I hope Mr. Dolo could take some time off to understand the use of GDP and GDP per capita when comparing two countries. Hopefully, he will take some time off to research the budgets of Ghana and Liberia in the early 1960s. If he doesn’t understand these basic public policy issues, then he will simply continue to demonstrate to the public, including silent readers, that he has no place in this sort of discussion.


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