“Let Your Light Shine in Darkness “

Some of the 148 graduates of the Alfalit Liberia skills training program held in Paynesville, outside Monrovia

African Dream Academy founder urges Alfalit graduates

Reverend Samuel Enders of the African Dream Academy (ADA) last Friday urged graduates of the Alfalit International Liberia skills training program to always let their lights shine in the darkness everywhere in the country.

The fourth closing and second graduation exercise were held recently at the Church of God at the ELWA Junction in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

Rev. Enders  admonished 148 students receiving certificates of completion of training in two  Alfalit programs that no light is too small to shine and every light in the hands of the graduates can shine anywhere. He reminded the graduates and Liberians that across the country, mothers are waiting for opportunities to respond to the socioeconomic needs of their children.

Enders pointed out that genuine lights in the lives of the graduates would lead many people to criticize them, which could hinder the progress of their undertakings.

That  light given by God will bring positive transformation to the development, growth and progress in the lives of people in the various communities.

He underscored the need for graduates to consider themselves to be good enough; and if they do not cherish that they are good enough, people will not value their usefulness in and to their communities.

Rev. Enders stated that in the Liberian society today, women are complaining because socioeconomic opportunities are not forthcoming at the moment.

The executive director of Alfalit International Liberia, Rev. Emmanuel J. Giddings, disclosed that plans are in the making for the economic empowerment of the skills training graduates.

“We are working out serious plans with our micro finance department that is undergoing adjustments aimed at ensuring financial assistance to our skills training graduates in Liberia,” Rev. Giddings asserted.

The ADA boss urged the graduates not to give up because Liberia needs them in order to build a nation of sound minded people whose contributions are critical to the development and progress of their communities.

In a Ministry of Education statement, Deputy Minister for Basic and Secondary Education Felecia Doe Somah admonished the graduates to move forward with the hope that their future as Liberian entrepreneurs is bright and promising.

Tilbelrosa S. Tarponweh reminded the graduates that they are the kind of Liberians the nation needs in order to enhance its development and growth.

Presenting the graduates for certification to the executive director of Alfalit International Liberia, Rev. Emmanuel J. Giddings, Rev. Jerome C. Williams said the occasion was another defeat for illiteracy and a triumph for literacy in the country.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Alfalit International Liberia, its chairman, Mr. Kenneth Y. Best, urged the graduates to be entrepreneurs and consider establishing their own businesses in the country.

“Always be creative and innovative in your endeavors and that will ensure that you are useful and productive citizens in your various communities in our country,” Best stressed.


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