Let Truth Exist in the Liberian Media

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the NCCL has organized a prayer team to pray for public and private institutions in Liberia, including the PUL (pictured) for God’s intervention.

...NCCL President cautions Liberian journalists

The President of the National Christian Council of Liberia (NCCL) Bishop J. Rudolph Marsh Sr, has described the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) as an important instrument in Liberia and, as such, righteousness and truth must exist in order to propagate clearly the good messages to the people of Liberia.

Bishop Marsh made the statement on June 4, 2020, when he led a team of clergymen, deacons and choristers for an intercessory prayer service at the union’s office in Monrovia.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the NCCL has organized a prayer team to pray for public and private institutions in Liberia for God’s intervention.

“God has designed a strategy for us to come here and officer a prayer for the PUL; because it is the gateway to every media house in the country,” he declared.

During the prayer service at the PUL headquarters, the Bishop told the PUL’s leadership that if the union must develop and become vibrant in the society, its members must have the fear of God and be more professional in the discharge of their duties and responsibilities.

“Do away with too many lies that exist in the media,” which he said has the propensity to undermine the growth and development of the PUL and Liberia at large.

He said the media should be seen as the place one can find credible information that will give them hope in these difficult times.

According to him, for the media to function properly in Liberia, God’s intervention is needed. “There is a gate of deception, depression and suppression in the Liberian media,” said Bishop Marsh.

He acknowledged that while it is the true that the role of the media is cardinal to the progress of the nation, it is also important for leaders in government to also respect journalists as they are the medium through which the people’s plight is heard and can be addressed.

Commenting on the recent saga between the PUL and the Ministry of Information Cultural and Affairs Tourism (MICAT), Bishop Marsh said the government should understand that the PUL is a gateway to every media house in the country; therefore it needs to be given every right to function as a body.

“The Media should not be suppressed because they are neutral,” he warned.

He noted that nowadays in Liberia Journalists are described as beggars, a statement which he differs with, saying: “They are not beggars but professionals who hold the pen. It is dangerous to overlook the power of a pen,” he added.

He further described the pen as a powerful tool that should be seen as a threat to any civilized society if not treated in the right form because it builds and it destroys.

Bishop Marsh: “Liberian Journalists are being denied of many things because of their role played in society. They are not well paid but we expect them to say or write the best articles.”

The PUL is critical because they are there to propagate the good and bad news in society. “We are here today to pray that God may take away every demonic altar speaking against the Liberian Journalists, people look down upon them calling them all sorts of names.”

The Bishop in his wisdom believes that the Lord Jesus Christ established Liberia in the church for a purpose. Therefore, he said, if things are not going straight in the country the Church must serve as a mediator.

He recalled that the capital city of Liberia was first called Christpolis; unfortunately, it was changed to be named after former US President James Monroe, which he believed that God has over the years frowned upon at the highest level and that leaders must rethink.

He, however, encouraged journalists to remain focused and that they must never compromise anything or turn away from the good job they are doing for the people of Liberia.

PUL President Charles Coffey described the NCCL’s intervention as unprecedented and vital to the growth and development of the Union.

Mr. Coffey, in brief remarks, told representatives of NCCL that in everything it is important to revere God the Almighty. “We are honored today by your surprise visit; this was not just a visit but God’s intervention and we believe that God is with us in all that we say and write,” he noted.

The NCCL said this is the first time in the history of this country to organize a prayer team to pray across Montserrado County during such a pandemic, therefore everyone must get involved.

The organization earlier on visited the National Teachers Association of Liberia, the National Legislature, the US Embassy, and the Ministry of Education, among other public institutions in Montserrado County. The intercessory prayer was held under the theme: ‘Jesus Christ is Lord Over the Educational Gates’.


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