Less than 10% of Ganta Students Passed WAEC


The Ganta School System is said to have performed poorly in the 2016 West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) exams, with a dismal 133 of 1,588 (8.4 percent) 12th graders passing the exams.

District Education Officer (DEO) Lynor Martor put the blame on complacency of teachers who are not committed to their duties “because they lacked enhanced learning.”

He said most of the public school teachers whose students failed are in the habit of roaming from school to school in order to make money, instead of putting in more time in their respective school assignments.

“The failure cannot be put on one factor; and the Liberian government also shares responsibility. The J. W. Pearson, with the highest number of students, does not have a laboratory; and the Ganta Public School, that has a laboratory, does not have the needed equipment,” he said.

Mr. Martor, who took over as DEO of the Ganta School District over a year ago, observed that 60 percent of teachers do not have lesson plans and some have plans that are outdated.

He explained that some proprietors build schools for profit, not to educate students, as they employ unqualified teachers.

There are 15 senior high schools in Ganta – 12 private and three public.

DEO Martor said, “Among the 15 senior high schools, J. W. Pearson (government) sent 412 students and out of the number, only three passed; St. Lawrence (Catholic) sent out 206 students and 60 passed; the Ganta United Methodist School sent out 183 students and 31 passed.”

DEO Martor said he has started to reshuffle school administrators by replacing some of the weak principals with those who are qualified.

“Every teacher will put in his or her allotted time per day by the Ministry of Education, which is at least 6 hours, totaling 40 hours a week,” he said.

He added: “This year I will spend two days in the office and the balance three days will be spent on the field to ensure that this kind of mass failure is not repeated.”

There is growing concern among parents amid to the mass failures among 12th graders in Ganta schools. The Ganta School System is reported to have lots of unqualified teachers.

Meanwhile, the Vice Principal of Karn High School in Karnplay, Joseph Karn, has praised students of Karnplay for doing well in the WAEC exams.

He told the Daily Observer that of the 247 Karn High students, 241 (97.6%) passed; while 97 out of 97 students from the Karnplay Inland Academy successfully passed their exams.

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