Len Miller Defeats St. Mary


    Len Miller High School put out a stunning performance in the on-going inter-high school debates, defeating St. Mary’s Catholic High School 88-81 to qualify for the semi-final stage.
    The ongoing inter-high school debates is sponsored and organized by the “Devin Events and Consultancy.”
    Len Miller took the lead through its introduction statement with 10-8 points. Onlookers described the match as another thrilling debate that demonstrated intellectual skills.
    Both school debated the topic, “Is UNMIL Departure Necessary This Time?”
    St. Mary’s had the chance, but failed to exploit it, thereby giving Len Miller an edge over them throughout the match. St. Mary’s later presented a brilliant double argument to thwart the match; however Len Miller counter defended their argument very well.
    St. Mary’s look striking during the second half and pushed exceedingly for the top, regardless of the fine attempt, Len Miller always capitalize on simple mistakes they made to remain in the lead.
    Remarkably, Len Miller had only three players available against St. Mary’s, which was fully in attendance with six players. Len Miller’s Captain, Nathan Gbelee, was the most outstanding player throughout the debate, having given St. Mary’s the rough time.
    Tyfred B. Teah, Captain of St. Mary’s said after the match: “We were the best team, and I think we won the match. They were good, quick and more shape during the debate than we thought.”
    Spectators blamed the defeat on the absence of St. Mary’s “excellent” debating student, Tirus Tholen, who did not turn out, but came only to witness the proceedings.
    Student Gbelee said the match was tough and then expressed the hope that they would prepare much better next time.
    G. W. Gibson automatically reached the semi-final sage since St. Peter Lutheran High School failed to show up for the debate.
    Announcing the result, the chief judge, Varfee Holmes, expressed the hope that students who participated in the debates would improve on the knowledge they acquired from the topic, and to be able to provide more contemporary Liberian examples relative to the issues being discussed.


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