Legislature to Host One-Day Hearing on Land Rights

The Liberian Capitol, seat of the National Legislature

Members of the National Legislature has disclosed a plan to host a one-day hearing on the proposed land rights act of 2014, scheduled for Monday, August 10, at 10 a. m. in the Senate Chamber.
Accordingly, the public hearing will be hosted by the Senate Committee on Lands, Mines, Energy, Natural Resources and Environment (lead committee) and the Committee on Judiciary, Claims, Human Rights and Petition as well as the Committees on Lands, Mines, Natural Resources and Environment and Judiciary of the House of Representatives.
As such, various stakeholders, including government ministries and agencies, community rights advocates, private land developers and consultants, legal personnel and consortium of civil society have also been invited.
During the exercise, those government institutions and private institutions will express their opinions on the various issues in the proposed land rights act, which include, inter alia, the various categories of land ownership, including public land, government land, customary land and private land, eligibility to own land, regulation of land use, protected areas, leases, easements, mortgages and repeals of inconsistent laws.
“The proposed Land Rights Act is one of the most crucial legal documents intended to bring the various conflicts in the land sector under control,” a release has said.
Also to be considered will be an act to create an entity to administer the land rights act as the core of the institutional arrangement in the land sector to minimize duplicity and overlapping of functions and responsibility.


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