‘Legislature Must Submit to Audit,’ Says Catholic Media Director


The director of the Catholic Media Center, Rev. Father Ambrose Dayouga Kroma has said that members of the 53rd National Legislature must submit to an independent auditing body in respect of transparency and accountability.

Making the statement yesterday at the offices of Radio VERITAS, Rev. Father Kroma said it is important for lawmakers to urgently provide detailed account of funds allocated for the much publicized nationwide consultation on the possibility of oil exploration in the country.

 Rev. Fr. Kroma was speaking during a workshop under the theme, ‘Triple concepts of team management, transparency and accountability’ held for journalists, especially for members of Radio VERITAS with the aim of re-branding Radio VERITAS for effective management.

 He explained that, “Failure on the part of our legislatures to yield to this appeal of the deprived masses will lead to the intensity of the already significant lack of trust, lack of faith and lack of belief in their ability to better the lives of those who employed them, the electorates.”

Rev. Fr. Kroma continued, “Indeed, Liberians are hurting; Liberians are loosing faith; yes, Liberians have become highly distrustful. There is the all important call to better the lives of the suffering masses and we must continue to ensure that now.”

He said among the many calls in this direction, is the pervading view that by providing a million dollars to each electoral district, the aged old problem of poverty and economic deprivation could be tackled in some measure.

“While this argument is noble, laudable and worth considering, it, however, regrettably fails to elaborate on transparency and accountable management in this endeavor.” Rev. Fr. Kroma stressed.

He added that, “Given the many unanswered financial questions that have engulfed the various branches of government with respect to transparent and accountable management of the public funds and resources, many well meaning Liberians of informed consciences will remain highly skeptical regardless of the seemingly good intentions.”

Rev. Fr. Kroma told the participants that, “Team management, transparency and accountability concepts are essential to the success of any institution particularly Radio VERITAS, given its relevance to post conflict Liberia in the promotion of truth, justice, human dignity and rights and the advancement of social, economic and moral rectitude within our society.”

He said the concept of an effective management team goes beyond the station manger and various heads of departments, adding that it embraces inter-department collaboration and support.

Rev. Fr. Kroma stressed that it allows for personal responsibility, which enables each employee to act in the discharge of his or her responsibility with a degree of moral conscience, personal obligation and a greater sense of commitment.

“These concepts are indispensible pillars of any viable and successful institution. Certainly, where transparency and accountability exist, there will also exist a greater sense of obligation, the willingness not only to accept assigned responsibility but also the deeper preparedness, if required, to go beyond the limits of one’s assignment to achieve maximum results as well as accounting for one’s actions or inactions,” he noted.

He continued, “Radio VERITAS must begin as it were to seek higher accountable standards, which will lead to greater productivity, transparent and accountable management as envisioned in the goals of its establishment.”

Rev. Father Kroma said Radio VERITAS is to remain truly the voice of the voiceless amidst the pluralized media landscape in Liberia today wherein some of the institutions have compromised the truth in favor of political expediency, then Radio VERITAS must begin as it were to seek higher accountable standards, which will lead to greater productivity, transparent and accountable management as envisioned in the goals of its establishment.

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