‘Legislature Must Be Audited’

Dr. Bhofal Chambers of CDC is poised to become Speaker of the 54th Legislature.

Maryland County Representative, Bhofal Chambers, wants the General Auditing Commission (GAC) to audit the National Legislature in order to account for resources allotted to that august body over the years.

The intent, Dr. Chambers said, is to provide a high degree of transparency and accountability in the operations of the first branch of the Liberian government.

According to him, since the inception of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf-led government, no agencies have been able to conduct audits on money and goods used by the Legislature. As such, “it is pivotal that a holistic audit is carried out in order to change public perception about lawmakers [and the Capitol Building].”

He maintained that auditing the Legislature would encourage other spending agencies of government to conform to the tendency of being accountable to the state.

The Maryland County lawmaker furthered that in an effort to achieve this goal, “both chambers of the Legislature must provide budget performance reports detailing spending over the years.”

He noted that a robust Legislature should present a ‘legislative performance report’ like other ministries and agencies do before discussing the 2014/2015 National Budget.

“We need to have an inventory of all the things that come to the Legislature to give us an understanding of where we are and what to do next,” Dr. Chambers indicated.

He made the assertions recently when a media organization bestowed an honour on him for his outstanding advocacy in the Legislature.

Receiving the honour, Dr. Chambers indicated that Liberians’ situation remains deplorable; with government providing no living quarters for low income earners.

Chambers: “Liberia has many resources but our citizens are lacking in many things.

It’s not God’s will for these things to happen but the poor management of the vast resources here remains our challenge.

We have problems with leadership, and until we can change that; our advocacy will continue until the right thing is done for the good of our people.”


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