Legislature Cancels This Year’s Annual Break


– President Sirleaf Approves

The Senate and the House of Representatives – the 53rd Legislature – has canceled their annual break, which should have started on Thursday, August 31, and ending on the second working Monday in January (January 8, 2018). The Daily Observer has learned that 21 Senators and 29 Representatives have already signed the Certificate of Extension for the Regular Sitting of the 6th Session, from September 1 to December 31.

Article 32b of the 1986 Constitution says at least one-fourth of the total membership of each House, and by proclamation, can extend a regular session of the Legislature beyond the date for adjournment. The Daily Observer gathered on Tuesday, August 29, that the Certificate of Extension was approved by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Fear over National Crisis

It has also been gathered that the Senate and the House have extended their work up to December 31 to stick around to deal with any political or national crisis that may erupt. The lawmakers are said to believe that their “Sitting” would help to guide the first elected democratic transition since 1944 (from one elected government to another) amid fears of looming disagreements among political parties during the electoral campaigns, and threats of bitterly divisive presidential elections.

Check and Balances

Besides, the issues of national concerns and emergencies, the Legislature has to be seated for the purpose of Checks and Balances during the period of transition. Some members of the House told the Daily Observer exclusively that the separation of powers provides a system of shared power known as “checks and balances” among the Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary branches of government.


  1. The House of Representatives are approaching the finished line. Annual Breaks with corrupt funds and overly paid SALARIES are about to be BENEFITS of the PASS as Liberians about to send a strong MESSAGE that free GOODS do not last forever. Voting these corrupt OFFICIALS or so called Lawmakers out off will give the Liberian REVENUES an opportunity to appropiate FUNDS that will address important PRIORIETIES. As many OBSERVERS put it, the House entire COST CENTER is about 1/4 of Liberia ANNUAL BUDGET. Now, we can see why they are confused to leave CAPITAL HILL. Liberians will deliver a surprise NEWS, on OCTOBER 10. 2017 when there will be no more ANNUAL BREAKS. ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END.

  2. One would be tempted as initial reaction to this other news, to begin heaping praises and adoration on these self-centered lawmakers for this seeming patriotic gesture. But when you calculate the amount of money government would have saved if on the other hand they had gone on recess, and simply because said amount did not go through their “rake-comb teeth,” then you regret why those “vampires” did not go on recess. So so election-year theatrics or posturing. But thank God for sight, hearing and feeling. They will learn.

  3. Will this move cost the Liberian people extra money? If this act will cost the taxpayer extra, I beg yor yah, let dem go on their vacation yah.

  4. With presidential election in the offing, citizens anxious about the future, and international community worried a seeming stability could be threatened, we give kudos to the Legislature for going beyond the call of duty. Thank you, legislators, for sacrificing your time in the cause of national cohesion.


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