Legislature Bans Hunting, for Now…


Days following the unanimous vote by Senators to call on President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf  to declare a state of emergency and close borders with neighboring countries, the House and Senate appear to have settled on another means of containing the deadly Ebola virus at a local level.

An authoritative source within the leadership of the two Houses told our legislative reporter Thursday, April 3, that after almost two hours of joint leadership discussion, the two houses agreed that a moratorium be placed on all hunting activities until the country is free of the Ebola virus.

Among other decisions taken by the Legislators during a closed-door meeting, was one that could bid (ask) school authorities declare an early Easter break for all schools in the country—a decision, apparently prompted by steps some families have already begun taking. Such a measure is considered questionable (problematic, doubtful) by some; “a rather alarmist (panicky, historical) way of trying to keep children out of harm’s way,” they volunteered.

One knowledgeable observer agreed: he pointed out that—though deadly when contracted—it is easier to get run over by a bus, than to contract a communicable virus such as HIV or Ebola.

Due to the seriousness the Legislature attaches to the fight to contain the Ebola virus, our source said that the body might close sessions, beginning next Tuesday.  

“The decision to close proceedings at the Capitol Building is seen as a way to help us adequately disseminate information on the outbreak and prevention of the deadly disease; at the same time, we will continue to work with the relevant agencies of government to combat the contagion,”(contamination, infection) the source declared.

The outcome of the Joint Sessions’ powwow (meeting) was not discussed in plenary; instead, it was taken to an executive session (closed door).  

Despite the two bodies’ decision to call on President Sirleaf to state-of-emergency and close Liberia’s borders,  a US$1.2 million budget is now before that body, to help rein in (harness, bring under control) the deadly virus.

According to a news source, seven persons have been confirmed as carrying the virus. They have been placed in quarantine (putting infected people away by themselves); however, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare source did not name the community hosting the seven.


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