“Legal Issues Cannot Be Politicized in Media”


Former City Solicitor Attorney Sam Solomon, who is part of the legal tussle over the Emma Dean Cox Building on Benson and Center Streets in Monrovia, told the Daily Observer yesterday that he does not believe in using the media to resolve legal issues.

He was making reference to a recent publication in the Daily Observer in which Jeremiah Kringar Harris, grandson of the late Jeremiah Harris, said his family had not authorized Atty. Solomon to administer his grandfather’s estate.

Atty. Solomon said the case is before a court of competent jurisdiction, and had gone through numerous proceedings.

“First of all the Emma Dean Cox representatives, to be specific, Dr. Ayele Ajavon Cox, has hired several lawyers but who may have realized that their client may be contesting for a property not her own.

“A petition was filed at the Supreme Court which Justice Kabi’neh Ja’neh presided (over) and mandated the Civil Law Court to conduct an investigative survey to determine the owner of this particular property,” Atty. Solomon said.

He said consistent with the mandate, a survey was conducted with representatives of all parties on February 12, 2010, which was completed with a recommendation that the property belonged to the estate of Jeremiah Harris.

“It’s unfortunate that when the survey was completed and submitted to the Supreme Court the other party did not contest the findings.

“It is only the law that can give property or settle differences and hand over any property to its rightful owners and not through any form of politicization in the media,” he said.

He said under the laws of Liberia, “Emma Dean Cox’s family should have known better, especially when the findings after the survey favoring Dr. Jeremiah Harris were predicated upon the mandate of the Supreme Court of Liberia.”

“It is unfair for Emma Dean Cox’s family to raise extraneous contention to evade the province of the law,” Atty. Solomon said.

On the issue of Atty. Beford Saa Tamba, who hosted the famous Tamba Court on the premises of the disputed building, and who claimed he allowed Atty. Solomon to reside on the property when he was in dire need in 1985, Atty. Solomon refuted the claim and said Atty. Tamba, “never brought me to this building and I will never give credence to such concerted and unfounded pronouncement and revelation he made in the media.”

With reference to Mr. Jeremiah Kringar Harris, the grandson of the late Jeremiah Harris of Grand Bassa Couny, Atty. Solomon said “It is funny and ridiculous for him to give revelations that don’t resemble the truth since Dr. Jeremiah Mulbah Harris is not the same as Jeremiah Harris that he claimed to be his grandfather.”

Atty. Solomon said it is regrettable that when the Court of Arbitration under Charles Caine completed its work, with maps and deeds on the disputed land and recommended to the Supreme Court that it belonged to Jeremiah Harris, Emma Dean Cox’s representatives did not raise any objection but simply abandoned the case.

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