Lecturer Goes Missing


A former Chemistry lecturer of the Nimba County Community College (now Nimba University College), Saye Nyaquoi Yebakeh, is said to have gone missing for over two weeks now in the Lao Chiefdom, Nimba County.

The incident occurred in Yebakeh’s fiancée’s family village, known as Ben Village, where both of them have been living since Mr. Yebakeh was retired in 2018.

Circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Mr. Yebakeh are still being investigated; however, the brother of the fiancée, William Ben, told the Daily Observer that on Wednesday, March 31, 2021, Mr. Yebah and his fiancée were going to the farm and, while on their way, the woman asked him to wait for her as she walked away to attend nature.

Afterward, she returned and could not find her husband; which prompted her to call the attention of residents of the surrounding villages. Police are yet to release any report of their findings, but they are questioning the fiancée and five others while a vigorous search is ongoing within the Lao Chiefdom.

Families of the missing man are mounting tension on the local authority to ensure that he is found alive. Reports have been emerging that Mr. Yebakeh sometimes behaves abnormally, escaping the house and randomly wandering off.

In countering the comment that he had been abnormal, Abednego Yebakeh, a nephew of Mr. Yebahkeh, told a community radio station in Ganta that his uncle was very sound in mind and character. The incident surrounding Yebakeh’s disappearance follows other similar incidents in the past year.

In September, 2019 a 69-year-old former town chief of Mehnla Town in Yarwin Mehnsonnon District, Mr. Johnson Younh, went missing while going on the farm, and after a month of search his decomposed body was found in the bush.

Also last year an 11-year-old girl went missing in Boeh near Saclapea, and her remains were found near the waterside where she had gone to fetch water. In this case, there was a report of an alleged foul play and the perpetrator was arrested, tried and convicted.


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