LEC Expansion on GSA Road in Limbo

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    A presidential directive ordering the Liberian Electricity Corporation (LEC) to have completed carrying out mass connections of street lights, business entities and homes on General Services’  (GSA) Road in Paynesville by March 2014, has been left unfulfilled.
    Last year, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf visited the LEC’s Waterside head office and directed the management heads to ensure the connection of several communities in Monrovia.

    In response, the LEC’s managers assured President Sirleaf that the appropriate steps would be taken to address the growing demand of Monrovia’s residents through the provision of sustained electricity.

    The fate of that directive seems to be in limbo with the initiative appearing stagnant.

    The LEC’s management has given assurances of expanding its services to many parts of Monrovia and its environs for the past several years.
    These assurances from the LEC management are yet to manifest in the provision of light to the inhabitants of GSA road.

    Would-be customers have begun complaining about the inability of the LEC’s management to connect the densely populated community to the power supply lines in Paynesville.

    With the GSA Road recently being paved, connecting it to several communities in Paynesville, the sustained provision of electricity in that part of Paynesville is being seen by community dwellers as the next logical step in terms of development.

    Besides, the GSA Road Community needs electricity now owing to communities being prone to waves of suspected armed robbery, burglary and other related crimes for the past years.

    In interviews with residents around the GSA road early this week, Franklin K. Karmo, a businessman, said that he requested for the connection of LEC power lines to his business entity for the past 12 months without any tangible results.

    Mr. Karmo operates a provisions shop and claimed that he has received threats from criminals.

    He explained that a successful business outfit could only be maintained when the provision of electricity is sustained; especially in an area infested with suspected criminals.

    For her part, restaurant operator, Beatrice Hanson Morton, said, “My business entity has on many occasions been attacked by armed criminals who took advantage of the darkness due to the lack of sustained electricity.”

    She pleaded with LEC’s management to begin designing new strategies to accelerate the restoration of electricity in the GSA Road community.
    “We are being left in total darkness with no indication from the LEC that they have any plans to continue with the expansion of electricity in our area,” Madam Morton concluded.


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