LEC Begins Connection of 700 Back-logged Customers Today


The Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) will today, December 22, begin connection of 700 backlog customers, Winston Bedell of the Public Relations Department told the Daily Observer yesterday.

He said prior to the completion of the 22 megawatts hydroelectric power plant recently, the LEC had 500 customers prepared in Monrovia and 200 others in Raymond Town Community near the Mount Coffee Hydro plant.

“We installed 53 light poles in Raymond Town, and 530 street lights across our network in Monrovia,” Bedell said.

He noted that across their network today, 100 customers who have already registered and paid for their connection with the LEC and are waiting for connection will be connected, and the process will continue to complete the 700 customers.

“The LEC will also repair 40 damaged transmitters and also damaged light poles across our network,” Bedell added.

Following the official switching on ceremony of the first phase of the Mount Coffee Hydro plant’s 22 megawatts on December 15, many Liberians whose expectation was high few days afterwards had complained that they are yet to see the ‘Big Light’ that the government promised.

Many also said they are still experiencing power outages, while others noted that they are yet to be contacted to get the first ‘Big Light’ since they registered for their meters, several months ago.

The LEC said with the current process, it will be a matter of time before every sector of the community can enjoy the ‘Big Light’ as promised, because they are working to ensure that the previous dark experience in the country becomes a thing of the past.

Bedell said Liberians should show appreciation that at least after many difficult years, “we have begun a process that eventually will see the entire country enjoying cheap and affordable energy.”

Today’s exercise, Bedell said, “Demonstrates LEC’s new management’s commitment to give Liberians the promise to enjoy ‘Big Light.’”

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