Lebanese to Build Rehabilitation Center for Drug Addicts

President Weah greets Bishop Guy Paul Noujaim, president and co-founder of Oum El Nour-Liberia.

…Pres. Weah, visiting Lebanese Bishop partner to ‘fight’ substance abuse

A high-powered Lebanese delegation led by Bishop Guy Paul Noujaim, founder and chairman of Oum El Nour-Liberia (OENL) on Tuesday, May 27, 2019 held discussions with President George Weah at his Paynesville residence as part of efforts to fight the rampant drugs abuse in the country.

Guy Paul Noujaim, said his organization, Oum El Nour-Liberia is in the country to support government’s efforts in fighting the reported substance abuse, which is largely blamed on ‘weak law’.

Oum El Nour is a non-governmental organization dedicated to prevention and treating victims of drugs and substance abuse in several countries, including Liberia.

“We chose Liberia for our outreach activities, and it is our hope that we will get the needed support from your government so as to impact the lives of hundreds of youth, who are grossly addicted to drugs, because they have found so much pleasure in the abuse of the narcotic substances associated with the abuse,” Noujaim said.

He expressed gratitude to the President Weah for the kind hospitality accorded him and his delegation. Nouhaim expressed delight for being a part of Liberia’s development initiatives.

He said Oum El Nour, which caters to drug abusers and prevention, is a cherished project of the World Lebanese Culture Union (WLCU) and that two years funding has already been secured solely by the Lebanese Community in Liberia.

Noujaim commended President Weah’s government and the people of Liberia for making available to his organization a 30-acre parcel of land in Grand Bassa County to allow them build facilities, and install systems and programs through which they will be able to contain all illegal drugs users.

He said his organization runs a three-phase program, including Prevention and Treatment, Rehabilitation and Integration.

Bishop Guy Paul Noujaim was accompanied to the office of the President by Henri Kastoun, Lebanese Ambassador to Liberia; Oum El Nour Liberia board members Marwan Eid, Abdallah Chahni, Ahmed Wazni and George Haddad.

In response, President Weah assured the visiting delegation of his government being open to partnership that would impact the lives of his people and, as such, “it is a welcoming idea that the Lebanese community has chosen to invest in a great mission to help the vulnerable youth on streets of Monrovia, and many other parts of the country.”

“Thank you for coming and it is a good idea that the fight against drug abuse, particularly among the Liberia’s youthful population requires decisive and collective action by both national and international stakeholders,” Weah said.

President Weah added that the abuse of narcotic and other dangerous substances is having a toll on young Liberians with serious security and economic implications on the rise.

He spoke of his preparedness to work with any group or individual that takes interest in fighting the menace.

Weah hailed Noujaim for his initiative in fighting drug abuse, and for choosing Liberia as a target country for Oum El Nour’s outreach activities.


    This will end up being just another empty building… Prior to any construction, let us see the plans, including nutrition and health care. Who will be recruited to run this? Who will be the experts with the expertise? FROM POST-WAR TO 2019, NO ATTENTION HAS EVER BEEN GIVEN TO THESE VICTIMS. Do we have any statistics to work with, or any real numbers, and locations/populations? OH NO! What is she talking about? Here we go AGAIN… next. AND young girls talk about drinking ‘Rush’ and and drink called ‘10%’? Even the next generation is doomed.

  2. The Liberian government gave green light to Nigerian drug dealers to sell drugs to liberian youth and then wants the Lebanese to rehabilitate the drug heads? The damn thing that is need is to start executing these Nigerian drug dealers just its done in malasia, singapore and Thailand. Go on youtube and see how Nigerian drug dealers are hanged and put on firing squad in Asia. Nigerian drug dealers must be killed if our nation is to survive.

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