Lebanese Community Presents US$50K Check to Weah’s ‘Charity’ Program

Left: Mr. Wazni and some of WLCU executives presenting the US$50K check to Mayor Koijee

The Lebanese Community in Liberia through the World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU) on Wednesday, May 23, presented a check of US$50,000 in support of President George Weah’s “charity” program through the Monrovia City Council.

In April this year, President Weah launched the Special Presidential Charity program of which US$333,000 and L$8.4 million were raised as part of the US$3.5 million targeted to help support children that are vulnerable or in need of education and healthcare services.

The program, President Weah said, would be managed by the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC), which is currently headed by Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee.

Presenting the check to Mayor Koijee, WLCU President Ahmed Wazni said the amount was in fulfillment of a pledge the union made at the launch of the program to President Weah.

Wazni used the occasion to reaffirm the WLCU’s commitment to supporting government’s initiatives by helping charitable organizations to provide valuable and necessary services to the needy in society.

Mr. Wazni also said the Lebanese in Liberia were proud to identify with the Presidential Charity program through financial support.

“Our community in Liberia stands ready to support any positive undertaking by the leadership of President George Weah,” Wazni assured.

In response, Mayor Koijee praised the Lebanese Community for “living up to their promises.”

Koijee said the donation was not only about supporting the president’s charity program, but also building a cordial relationship with the Liberian people.

He admonished Lebanese not to only focus on building relationships with the government, but to also do the same with members of the public, with whom they interact on a daily basis.

He also called on members of other communities that made promises to support President Weah’s Special Presidential Charity program to follow the good example of the WLCU.

Koijee meanwhile assured the Lebanese community that the fund would be used for the intended purpose, to help support children that are vulnerable or in need of education and healthcare services.

Others who pledged to provide funds to the charity program during the launch included Foreign Minister Gbehezohngar Findley, Minister of State Nathaniel McGill (who pledged US$12,000), Montserrado County District 9 Representative Munah Pelham-Youngblood (US$2,000), the Liberia Revenue Authority, National Social Security and Welfare Corporation, Sethi Brothers (L$1.5 million) and Beni Diogo Ladji Kouyateh, who took the only signed picture of the President for US$50,000.


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