Lebanese Charged with US$446K Theft

    Lebanese fraudster, Hussien Daklouh.jpg

    A Lebanese national accused of duping the Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) of US$446, 201, on Thursday, February 13 appeared before the Monrovia City Court at the Temple of Justice.

    Defendant Hussein Daklauh has been charged with Economic Sabotage and Theft of Property in violation of section15.80 and 15.51 of the revised penal code.

    At Thursday’s hearing, defendant Daklauh was released to his lawyer after a bail bond was secured on his behalf. The crime is bail-able under Liberian law.

    According to LTA, a device was used by an unknown person to tamper with its facilities and the total accrued and lost was 1,665,088.46 minutes. Cllr. Amos Andrews claimed that the total revenue loss to government and its GSM partners amounted to US$446,201.

    Police said that during the investigation of defendant Daklauh, he voluntarily admitted his involvement in the scheme to defraud the LTA of 1,665,008.46 minutes, valued as US$446,201. According to police, Daklauh named his accomplices as Joe Touma and another identified only as Chidi. At present, both Touma and Chidi remain on the run.



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