Lebanese Bishops to Support Liberia’s Drug Rehab Programs


The Bishops of Lebanon have agreed to support Liberia’s drug Prevention, Use and Abuse and Rehabilitation programs, according to a press release issued by the Liberia Law Society.

The Bishops reiterated their commitment recently when Attorney Samuel Kofi Woods II of the Liberia Law Society (LLS) visited Lebanon to follow up and consult on the drug rehabilitation programs in Lebanon.

It may be recalled that in November 2015, the Auxiliary Bishop of Lebanon and President of the organization, Oum El Nour, the Patriarchal Vicar of Lebanon, Bishop Guy Paul Noujaim, visited Liberia to discuss the possible establishment of a drug rehabilitation center.

Attorney Woods, who serves as legal advisor to the organization, undertook a tour of their facilities and expressed satisfaction with the level of professionalism demonstrated over the years.

He is optimistic that with the support of Oum El Nour, some of Liberia’s drug addiction problems can be addressed through transferrable skills training such as counseling, agribusiness, fisheries, aquaculture, artistic works and other initiatives.

Oum el Nour is a Lebanese non governmental organization (NGO) founded in 1989 to focus on both drug rehabilitation and drug prevention, and offers the premier drug treatment program in the Middle East.

The organization has helped over 5,500 young men and women since its establishment, providing counseling services for street youths and teenagers. Oum el Nour provides all its services and programs to everyone free of charge.

The organization has established several centers and departments including Administration, Rehabilitation Center for Men, Rehabilitation Center for Women, Reception Center, Follow-up Center, Outpatient Center and Prevention Department.

The work of Oum el Nour’s prevention and rehabilitation is recognized by civil society and health practitioners in Lebanon and abroad, as evidenced by the “European Drug Prevention Prize” received by the Prevention Department of Oum el Nour for its Youth Connection program.

Organized by the Centre Pompidou and held in Strasbourg, France, in November 2012, it was rewarded for the first time as an NGO from the Middle East.

During his tour, Attorney Woods visited various centers and discussed possible training for Liberians in Lebanon. He maintained that the program will also offer another face of Lebanese living in Liberia, who are largely considered as merchants.

Attorney Woods believes that this program is good for Liberia and will assist the country in addressing the increasing drug abuse problem. The program will also include training for Liberians at home and abroad. The program seeks to build partnership with relevant government ministries and agencies, civil society institutions, the media as well as community based organizations. He hopes that the program when established can traverse the region.

He expressed appreciation to the Bishops of Lebanon and some members of the Lebanese community who assisted with his visit and hopes that Liberia will appreciate the need for such a program, a press release issued by the Liberia Law Society (LLS) said yesterday.


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