‘Leadership Is Trust’


— NaFAA Boss Challenges FEJAL Elected Officials

Emma Metieh Glassco,  Director General of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA), has challenged the inducted officials of the Female Journalists Association of Liberian (FEJAL) to be more transparent and build trust in order to move the association forward for the collective good of all members and the society in general.  

Admonishing the inducted officials, Madam Glassco said though they have been called to serve, trust is fundamental to getting anything done and it is one of the important tools that promote an organization, stressing that it is one of the biggest issues that people don’t talk about but that impedes progress.  

Serving as a keynote speaker at FEJAL induction dinner on Friday, January 29, 2021, at Crown Hotel, Madam Glassco said transparency in any leadership is a conduit to success.,. noting that it is more than just taking up power and position.   “It is your responsibility to either move this institution forward or kill the spirit. You need to be opened in your dealings. Remember you are chosen amongst equals to lead at this time. Your sole responsibility is to uphold the values of this noble institution to ensure that you build your actions around TRUST”.

 “Lead with empathy, transparency and respect. Serve well and remember trust is fundamental in getting anything done”.  Madam Glassco maintained.

The NaFAA boss revealed that women’s participation in all sectors is very important but has been challenged over the years with their male counterparts. “We cannot settle for mediocrity, we must reach for the zenith. We must champion the cause for gender partnership, having a seat at the table. Not sympathy but competition and partnership. Not complacency but hard work. We must stand up for our rightful place in society. Work hard and what men Do, Women Do better”.

 For her, women must not be satisfied with crawling up the ladder one by one, they must walk side by side with their male counterparts and saying to themselves, “Well, we got one more woman to the top. There is absolutely no reason we cannot succeed in the work of gender partnership. In fact, Women can even do it better, because of the natural passion for completion and perfection.”  She, however, she called on female journalists to engage men in the fight for gender equality, stressing that gender partnership is the single biggest leverage women have. 

“Men control the power in government, commerce, science, and academia. When we stop blaming them and start engaging them, we have taken the single biggest step toward full Gender Partnership! On this note, we say to you, be challenged, pursue excellence, be bold, speak out, and let your voices be heard at the decision-making table,” Madam Glassco said. 

Meanwhile, those inducted are Siatta Scott Johnson, President, C. Winnie Sawah-Jimmy, Vice president, Zoquay Beysolow Konneh Secretary-general, and Lieseh Zarpor, Financial secretary.

The leadership with a three-year mandate comes with diverse journalistic knowledge both in print and broadcast. Madam Scott has vast knowledge in television production having served as a presenter of ‘Meet the Expert’ on Light TV as well as produced a documentary titled ‘Iron Ladies of Africa. C. Winnie is the news Editor at the Inquirer Newspaper. Zoquay is a newscaster at the Liberia Broadcasting System (ELBC) while Lieseh works for Radio Nimba in Sanniquille. The president and vice president will serve their second and last term while the secretary and financial secretary will be new members to the leadership.

FEJAL is an auxiliary of the press Union of Liberia (PUL) that envision a media landscape where women journalists are seen and treated the same as their male counterparts. Also to promote social justice, equal opportunities, and create a safe working environment for women in the media.

Giving her induction statement, Madam Scott said “FEJAL is our space to showcase sincere and selfless commitment. There are still many obstacles, especially when we have to gather ourselves in one space but it is up to us to overcome them and it is do-able when we free our minds and become conscious that it is a unity that is achievable.”

she pledged that during her second and last term as President, she will listen more and ensure openness. “We must also be reminded that FEJAL is an association for professionals and as such let us carry out its day to day business with a high level of professionalism.”

The print media is heavily dominated by men because most women find it difficult in the print and so they usually choose broadcast. The President, therefore, encouraged women and girls to see the need to venture into print instead of broadcast media. “We are encouraging you to venture more into print so that we can remain on par with our male counterparts who continue to draw to themselves the opportunity meant to be accessible and enjoy by all only on the perception that women in the media are not serious”.



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