“Leadershift” Conference Aims to Emancipate Spiritual Giftings

Apostle Dr. Mark Walker is the founder and CEO of Kingdom Empowerment Ministries

Ahead of a two-day “Leadershift Conference” to be held at the Jubilee Praise Center on the Old Road, a prophetic preacher from the United States of America, Apostle Dr. Mark Walker, has cautioned Liberians to remain resilient as the country is about to experience great things from God shortly.

Walker made the pronouncement on Monday when he visited the office of the Daily Observer Newspaper at the ELWA junction in Monrovia. He said, he has the sense of burning passion for Liberia that, according to him, the Lord spoke to him saying, “I have placed a desire in you for Liberia and as such I want you to help shift the thinking about leadership,” he stated.

He noted that leadership it is about shifting the mindset and shifting structures in order to move on to the greater things of God.”

Meanwhile, at the conference he will be speaking to young people on entrepreneurship, as it is on the rise across the world. He pointed out that more young millionaires are emerging now more than ever because the rules concerning getting things done is measurable by principles.

“I really want to teach some of those principles during this conference to the young people in Liberia, on how it works; you can really make an impact in your work as everyone has the ability to make an impact in the society.” Walker said.

He said for this to be achieved and even greater things, he sees it necessary participate in the conference in Liberia. According to him it is his expectation to see leaders in Liberia to receive and experience the good things that God wants to be done in the Country.

The “2018 Leadershift Conference,” scheduled for March 10-11, will teach people in general who have the gift in the things of God but may not understand their gifts.

It is also expected that at the end of the two-day leadership conference, young men and women of God in Liberia will be empowered, enlightened, motivated, inspired and be taken to another level in their gifts.

The US prophetic preacher however said with the passion in him for Liberia, it is believed that in the next 4 to 5 years, people that are moving prophetically in the country will be sharper, more sensitive, caring, when it comes to the things of God.

“I believe that those who have prophetic voices are the voices to the voiceless, they will speak to the nation that doesn’t have a voice, so we need more prophetic voices like Martin Luther King, Jr., who was the voice to the voiceless. He gave us a voice and that is the reason why we have a voice today,” he added.

Walker, who began his Ministry at the age of 14 and became a national Evangelist at the age of 16. Dr. Walker is the founder and CEO of Kingdom Empowerment Ministries (KEM), of which the theme and central focus is “Empowering People for Dominion”. He has been preaching for a little over 22 years now. According to him, his Ministry is about the shifting mindsets of individuals, particularly Christians that do not understand the power of the mind.

At the same time he emphasized that many people always think that every [bad] thing that happens is from the devil, even though the behaviors and choices of individuals themselves may have been the cause.

“Sometimes you have to take account and responsibility of yourself and your own actions,” he said.

Therefore, he wants help young people to start making the right decisions. He encourages Liberians to remain focused as there are lots of good things that are about to happen these things will happen if Liberians are resilient.

He also said that Liberia is a country that has God’s divine favor and blessing, even though statistics state that Liberia it is a poverty stricken country. Yet, he strongly believes that there will be a shift in the Liberia very soon.

The Leadershift Conference is hosted by Bishop Allan Klayee of the Jubilee Praise Center on the Old Road.


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