LEAD MFA in Partnership with Orange Launches Learning Program for Primary, Secondary Students


LEAD Monrovia Football Academy in partnership with Orange Liberia and LEAD Africa has launched a learning initiative, LEAD Learning, for primary and secondary aged children.

The program, which has been approved by the Ministry of Education, uses radio, SMS, and digital media, to deliver curated leadership and entrepreneurship content to students- first in Liberia and later across the world.

Students can access the program by dialing ‘5323’ on their Orange SIM card to learn the answers, including, what does leadership mean? What does it look like? Who is a leader in Liberia and why?

Due to the COVID-19, children are out of school at “unprecedentedly” high rates. In April 2020, NPR reported that “9 out of 10 children are out of school worldwide.” Studies show that children forced to miss school for extended periods require significantly more class time to recover their lost learning.

Unlike other free educational programs launched by governments with content covering standard classes such as Math, Science, and Language Arts, which are also necessary, LEAD Learning addresses the urgent needs of this moment: innovation, critical thinking, perseverance, entrepreneurship.

LEAD Learning augments standard classes with two key courses: Leadership and Entrepreneurship. The courses, according to the Academy, encourage critical thinking and inspire children to dream big, introducing core leadership values and bringing those values to life through recent country-specific examples of leadership and entrepreneurship.

Thankfully, the Academy partnered with Orange Liberia to develop the innovative solution to content distribution and impact measurement.

“Through an interactive voice recording system and a separate digital platform, LEAD Learning’s content will be accessible via the Internet, mobile phones, radio, and SMS. By including questions at the end of each lesson that students can answer via the Internet or SMS, LEAD and Orange will be able to track listenership, performance, and retention,” the Academy said in a statement.

To ensure the content reaches Liberians without access to a mobile phone or an Orange SIM card, LEAD Learning has also partnered with ALICOR, a network of 47 community radio stations across Liberia’s 15 counties.

“Now, more than ever, we must embrace innovation and work collaboratively to deliver high-quality academic content to our world’s future leaders.”

At present, LEAD Africa has two leadership academies – LEAD Monrovia Football Academy in Monrovia, Liberia (established 2015) and LEAD Morocco in El Mansouria, Morocco (est. 2019)


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