LDEA Linked to Vandalism, Looting of Night Club in Ganta

Justice Empire entertainment center, Ganta, Nimba County

Officers of the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA) in Ganta have been accused of vandalizing a night club belonging to Jasper Hne in the Gborloyee Community in Ganta.  The officers accordingly took the action against the background that the proprietor is an alleged drug dealer.

According to Jasper Hne, at about 11 p.m. local time, a group of officers of the LDEA headed by the county commander, Jeremiah W. Neapaye, entered his entertainment center, vandalized, and took away some valuable items including a cell phone and a sum of over L$200,000.

He alleged that the LDEA officers also detained his pregnant girlfriend along with his brother until the following morning, without any formal charge against them.

He said the LDEA officers met him and his girlfriend in the F2 Night Club at about 9 p.m., entertaining themselves and they began to make a remark that he “Was getting too much for himself” in Nimba.

He explained having a bitter argument with the officers, going as far as insulting one another and he was later advised to leave the F2 Night Club.

“After the argument, I left the scene, but these officers followed me to my business center known as ‘Justice Empire’, entered the club, looted it and smashed most of my drinks that they could not take away,” he said.

“They arrested my eight-months-pregnant girlfriend Rose Garlay and detained her for no reason,” he alleged further.

During a visit to the scene on Monday, August 31, 2020, our reporter saw smashed bottles around the Justice Empire Entertainment center and a bottle of stout over the roof of an apartment a few meters away from the entertainment center.  An eyewitness said it was put there by the LDEA.

When contacted at the LDEA local office in Ganta, the commander, Jeremiah Neapaye, said he was not clothed with the authority to speak to the press and referred this reporter to his Public Relation Officer, Micheal Jipply. However, all efforts to get him via mobile phone proved unsuccessful as contact numbers provided by Nyeapaye could not ring.

Despite refusing to give details about his alleged raid, whether or not it was done on the order of the court; he, however, admitted arresting Jasper’s girlfriend who, he claims, had in her possession a parcel of heroin, an allegation the woman has denied.  She said the LDEA  detained her upon returning from the police station where she took a complaint about the behavior at her business center.

“When the argument broke out at F2 club between my boyfriend and the officers, he asked me to leave and when I left, they came to our entertainment center, grabbed me, and hit my stomach causing me to urinate on myself immediately,” she said.

The LDEA office is yet to clarify what action is expected regarding the complaint of Jasper.


  1. What will come out of this backward attitude displayed by these guys: attacking citizens and destroying everything in their pathway? Nothing! This too is Liberia.


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