LDEA Rehabilitates Drug Addicts


The prevention unit of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency has rehabilitated five narcotic drug addicts from addiction and reunites them with their families in Ganta.

According to the head of the Drug Abuse Prevention Unit in the leeward counties, Pastor Mathias Suomie, there were nine drug addicts taken to the recovery center in Boe Tuanwea Town, in Boe and Quillah Administrative District for rehabilitation, but  five made it through the rehabilitation.   

Boe Tuawea is located far away from Ganta and Sanniquellie, and or any areas where they can easily have access to drugs. According to the LDEA, a six-room apartment was rented to host the addicts as they go through the recovery process. One of the rehabilitated drug addicts, a former female LNP officer, thanked the LDEA for taking her off the street and a second chance to value life.

“I was discharged from the police because of being addicted to narcotic substances. I was assigned at the Robert International Airport, but was discharged because of my continued use of drugs,” said Rita Bleah, an addict who is a former police officer.

“I am very happy to see my daughter in a changed condition; for us the parents we have lost hope that this girl will ever recover because we have done all we can to get her off the street, but to no avail, said Rita’s father.

Pastor Suomie said one of the strategies to get those guys off the streets is to show them love and take them far from where they will not have access to any of the substances. He said, they persistently pursue the drug in the ghettoes, telling them danger involved in taking drugs, and gradually they able to convince to abandon their habit.

“Once they are taken away from the substances, the drugs will begin to leave their bodies and eventually they will begin to gain normality,” he said.

“I am very happy to see my daughter in a changed condition; for us the parents we have lost hope that this girl will ever recover because we have done all we can to get her off the street, but to no avail, said Bleah, a father of Rita.

Abraham L. Wuo, a sophomore student of Cuttington University, explained how he has been so destructive and an embarrassment to his family when he abandoned school and returned to his family home in Ganta.

“My mother drove me from our house because I used to steal her clothes and any other valuable things she had. I removed all the ceiling and sold them just to buy drugs,” he explained at the same time crying.

The stories were just terrible from all the former addicts, but they pleaded for mercy and promised not to return to the street anymore. Some parents were shocked in disbelief, calling on the LDEA to continue taking care of the addicts for the rest of the year to ensure that they are totally free and will never return to the street.

“We are very happy to see our children in this good condition,   we are still appealing to the LDEA to keep them because these children were terrible and problem in our lives,” one Elizabeth Salee, an aunty to one of them.

”This guy was one who gives my sister high blood pressure, he abandoned all the opportunities and even his children,” she pointed out.

However, Pastor Suomie is calling on the parents of the addicts to show love to them by accepting them back into the family. He said the only those guys who will actually leave the street is when they received love from the family, the community, and society in general.

Although he agreed that it was too early to recommend them for any public duty, he said the former addicts were still under observation and counseling, and at the same time finding something to keep them busy.

Currently, we are working in collaboration with the ‘Youth Harvesters for Christ Ministry in Nimba County to provide the daily needs of the people.

“Our major constrains are food, clothing, medical drugs for treatment and, agriculture tools to keep them busy,” he said.

This is the first time for the LDEA to transform drug addicts, like many who witnessed the ceremony were so amazed. The program was attended by the Ganta City Mayor Amos Suah, the President of the Liberia International Christian College Dr. James Kermu, the LDEA officers as well as other well-meaning citizens.


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