LDEA Burns Huge Quantity of Narcotics in Yekepa

LDEA Officers (right) along with security at the burning of narcotics in Yekepa

The Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency on Saturday, December 22, 2018 burned huge quantity of marijuana and other narcotic drugs in the mining town of Yekepa in Nimba County.

The LDEA Commander Maj. Arnold D. Kenewon put the quantity of the drugs to 120 kilograms of marijuana and 20 grams of cocaine, among other illegal substances.

He said the drugs were arrested in different localities in Nimba, including the Dulay Border Point, Bewahlay, Yekepa and other far places in Nimba, but they decided to destroy the drugs in Yekepa to serve as a deterrent to those involved in trafficking and also signal to the public that the drugs arrested or seized from users are burned or destroyed.

Maj. Kenewon explained that those arrested along with the drugs were sent to court for prosecution and warned the public to desist from drug trafficking and assist the LDEA in combating illegal drug acts.

The burning of the drugs was very amazing to the public, especially those living around the concession area; because it was their first time to see such a huge quantity of narcotics to be set ablaze by state security.

Every year, the LDEA destroys huge consignments of narcotics products in Nimba, but the burning exercise has always been in Ganta and Sanniquellie. Taking it to another locality was very strange to those who had up to this point never witnessed the burning exercise.

“This is my first time seeing this kind of action, where huge drugs are set ablaze by security,” said Rebecca Y. Mulbah, Township Commissioner in Yarmin.

She lauded the LDEA for the exercise and urged the government to do more in combating the trafficking and speedy prosecution of those involved, adding, “this is so dangerous for our children’s lives and it has to be stopped immediately.”

In 2016, the LDEA arrested a Nigerian for carrying huge quantity of cocaine at the Ganta Check Point, after he had traveled with the cocaine concealed in his African slipper from Nigeria through Ivory Coast, before entering Liberia through Loguatuo.

The perpetrator was sent to the Sanniquellie Magisterial Court for prosecution. Since then, however, the case remains limbo, after it was alleged that the perpetrator was placed on the docket.

Many people who witnessed the burning believe that government is not ready to deal with drug traffickers and users, because the law is weak.

Another case involving two Nigerians, Chini Obi and Sam Eze, charged for “Illicit trafficking of Narcotic Drugs” continues to languish on the court docket, since the case was filed on March 30, 2017.


    • If they’re not out on bail, then they’ve already been released so they can try to smuggle a larger quantity the next time. Drug trafficking should be a very crime in Liberia. But the laws are so weak and these foreigners take advantage of it. That’s not a priority for the dumbass lawmakers who only want to line their pockets.

  1. The guys are still piling up the marijuana, but you wait till the grass is lit, you’ll see the real Rastafarian. They’ll remain near the fire, in the smoke pretending to be stirring the fire for the grass to burn properly, JUST INHALING…….

    • Donvito, you know what , I just had a second thought while laughing. What you said is not just comedy, it’s true. The “Rastafarian Sacrament” is not being burned in a controlled environment and given that these guys are going to monitor the burning of the “ganga herb” , one would be in their right mind to assume that those “Babylonians” will get “higher” before the burning is over.By the way, I don’t see any masks!

      That leaves me wondering whether they are breaking the law by getting “higher” without being persecuted. Haha!

  2. John Doe, you will never see them wear mask. Let me tell you a true story I gathered from one source in Monrovia. Some years back in the Late Tolbert’s regime, the police confiscated a large cache of marijuana. They took the consignment to be burned at the back of the police station. The guys lit the grass and it started to burn. The police director at the time remained near the grass and started stirring it. The low ranking police officers said “chief move from there, the grass is burning wildly because the breeze is blowing. The police director drove the lower ranking officers from near the grass so that he alone can do the stirring. Some of the lower ranking officers moved into the direction of the smoke to get their share of the stuff, quietly inhaling.” Man the source told me it was really fun to watch. Police director and other officers sniffing their share before the good stuff burned out.

    Hope I made your day. God Bless you and Happy New year.


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