LCP Urges West Pointers to Continue Ebola Fight


 Liberia Crusaders for Peace (LCP) Executive Director, Julie Endee, has urged residents of the slum community of West Point to continue the fight against the deadly Ebola virus disease (EVD).

 According to her, since the outbreak of the epidemic last year, residents of West Point have remained vigilant in the fight against the virus, and she urged them to continue since Liberia has not yet been declared Ebola-free.

“The people of West Point were cooperative during the outbreak. We were here last year when the outbreak started. People were afraid, but at the end of the day we all joined hands and we fought the virus,” Madam Endee declared.

She made these remarks on Sunday, March 29, when her organization, the LCP, celebrated the “Ebola Must Go” Campaign, which started one year ago. The ceremony, which brought several persons together, was held in the Township of West Point, near Monrovia.

The campaign was intended to educate residents of West Point as well as the vast majority of Liberians so that they do not become complacent in the fight against the deadly virus.

Ambassador Endee said one year ago, West Point was a place of distress where people were looking for rescue during the heat of the outbreak. She disclosed that her organization comprises of ‘foot soldiers’ or communicators in various communities, educating residents about the danger of the virus and how to prevent it.

Madam Endee used the occasion to acknowledge her partners who have been in the vanguard to support her in the fight; especially Mercy Corps, Equip-Liberia, Shalom, Inc., UNICEF and USAID.

 “We owe it to Mercy Corps for community engagement in the fight against Ebola. Because of the community's willingness to listen, the virus is gradually going away in the entire country with West Point being of no exception,” she indicated.

For her part, Mercy Corps Country Director, Penay Anderson, promised to continue her organization’s support to the Liberian people through the LCP. 

Madam Anderson told the West Pointers that the initiative is intended for Liberians to keep being informed about the danger of the virus.

The Mercy Corps Country Director then lauded the LCP management for implementing a successful campaign to stamp out the virus, pledging Mercy Corps continuous support in months to come.

Making remarks at the program on Sunday, Montserrado County District #7 Representative, Solomon George, called for more sponsorship to the Crusaders for Peace in its fight to sensitize Liberians about the dangers of the virus.

Rep. George said residents of West Point were always willing to cooperate with government policy in fighting the disease.

The president of the Governors’ Council of Liberia, Musu K. Thompson, pledged her council’s support to the process of sensitization, saying the Crusaders for Peace efforts to educate Liberians is laudable.

 “The Governors’ Council of Liberia is happy that you came down to our level to teach our people in all Liberia’s 16 dialects about this virus through songs and drama," she told LCP Executive Director to a round of applause.


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