LBDI Identifies with Muslims

“LBDI is grateful to celebrate the Ramadan with our fellow Muslims who are also our customers,” Lawrence George said

The management of the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) yesterday identified with Muslims in Liberia through the donation of 200 bags of rice to several mosques in Monrovia and its environs.

Lawrence George, LBDI’s corporate social responsibility coordinator, said the donation was the bank’s way of identifying with the Muslims after they successfully ended their holy month of Ramadan.

The mosques that benefitted from the donation included Benson Street, Newport Street, Jacob Town, and Fiamah (50 bags each).

“We have come as a bank to thank you for praying for our country especially as we await the upcoming elections in which peace is our priority, and this is just a token of our appreciation,” he said.

Mr. George said the LBDI has introduced the Islamic Banking System to take care of the banking needs of Muslims in Liberia.

“We as a local bank have introduced this system to actually help our Islamic brothers and sisters because we believe in making banking very simple for smooth financial operations in the country,” he said.

Responding, Musa Balloh, the spokesman of the National Imams Council of Liberia, lauded the efforts of the LBDI family for the donation which he described as welcome.

“We are overwhelmed especially seeing a bank making a huge donation to her clients. The fast and prayers we carried out were also focused on our country Liberia having peaceful and transparent elections for the benefit of our citizens and the country,” he said.

He stressed that despite the end of the Ramadan celebration, their focus is now on peaceful elections, with the Imams in the vanguard of Muslim prayers until the October elections.

“We are concerned about the security in our country so it’s our responsibility as Muslims and Christians to put aside our differences and strongly pray to God for the protection of this country during the upcoming elections, because we are not political groups but special people, and we must all work together for the common good of the country,” Mr. Balloh said.

Concerning the Islamic banking process, Mr. Balloh explained that it is in the interest of the Islamic community because the process would include collaborative efforts with the Imams for the successful implementation of the transactions.

He explained that the banking transaction would enable them to do banking the right way, and appreciated the management of the bank for its kind gesture and the opportunity given to Liberians to invest in the bank.

Appreciating the donation, Mr. Bankale Kaba of the Newport Street mosque said, “Thank you so much for the contribution of 50 bags of rice which means a whole lot to us and we pray that God provides good leaders for our country.

“It’s our prayers that God brings peace and chooses a good leader and a development oriented person for the betterment of our country.”


  1. P. Allison Tarlue, Sr. June 27, 2017 at 10:22 pm

    Good, LBDI! Your donations to Muslim of Liberia for having successfully ended their Ramadan.
    But, how many times you have done so whenever a Christian group successfully ended their
    annual convention or conferences?


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