LBDI Honors Staff for Long Service

Among LBDI's longest-serving employees are Mrs. Clavenda O. Payman (center) and Mr. Edison T. Clark (right), both of whose careers with the bank spanned 25 years.

As part of its culture of appreciating staff contributions and long service, the Liberian Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) on Friday, December 7, honored several employees for service to the bank over the course of a decade or more and for their meaningful contributions.

The ceremony was held over the weekend at the LBDI’s 53rd-anniversary celebration at its headquarters in Sinkor.

This year’s celebration brought together other leaders from the banking community, including the CEO of the United Bank for Africa (UBA), the CEO of the Guaranty Trust (GT) Bank Liberia Limited, LBDI’s board of directors, the CEO of TOTAL Liberia, staffers of the bank and family members. The employees were honored in different categories, including 10 years of service, 12 years of service, 20 years’ service and 25 years of service.

Mrs. Clavenda O. Payman, who has spent 25 years with the bank, lauded the bank for recognizing the work and services of its staff to the people of Liberia.

Mrs. Payman, who along with Edison T. Clark was honored for 25 years of service, said while the journey of a million miles begins with a single step, her 25-year career with the bank was marked with stress, sacrifices, focus, determination and commitment, as well as success.

“We want to say thanks to the board of directors and management for giving us the opportunities to serve this noble institution, LBDI and contribute our quota towards the vision of the bank’s founders. We want to applaud our spouses, children, friends, and families for their unwavering understanding and support they gave us during these years of career sojourn,” Mrs. Payman said.

She said she was pleased with the level of teamwork over the years, which helped them (honorees) to implement the bank’s mission and vision in riding the economic wave in the banking industry in the country.

She called on the investors of the LBDI to be encouraged to diligently work in becoming valuable members of the bank’s team.

From left: former LBDI president Mr. Francis A. Dennis, Jr., seated with LBDI board member Elie Saleeby,.

“We stand on the pivot of time to recount and appreciate God almighty for working with everyone in the bank during these 53 years, as officials of the bank navigate the hurdles, challenges, prospects, and happiness of our continuous existence,” LBDI’s Chief Executive Officer John B. S. Davis, lll said.

Mr. Davies underscored the importance of the staff of the bank, which he described as the institution’s foundation and backbone.

Those honored included Clavenda O. Payman, 25 years’ service; Edison T. Clark, 25 years; and Raquel W. Wright, 20 years. The rest, who were recognized for 10 years of service, include: Othello F. Sherman, D. Mulbah Gougou, Moenti E. Young, Roselyn K. Kamara, Wilhelmina B. Dahn, Victor S. Tarr, Pautomo G. Washington, Andrew T. Woto, Augustus E. Bright, and Saye E. L. Mussah.

Others are Zorgorlu J. Akoi, Lewis A. Pope, Rudolph T. W. Johnson, Geraldine Gbai-cole, Joy M. Doe, Feme Quita Gwei, Zayzay D. Gizzie, Miatta M. Sarnor, Salome A. Bholen, Cynthia W. N. Nyenpan, Sarah T. Garsaynee, Aminata L. Tolo, Darlene D. Fermah, Sadia Johnson, Mattie B. Mulbah, Ernestine K. Mulbah and Sylvester N. Monger.

Some LBDI staff and their family members at the occasion on Friday, December 7, 2018.


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