Lawyers Unhappy over MOJ’s Delayed Response


The legal team representing the interests of former lead prosecutor, Atty Sam T. Solomon, the lawyer seeking seven years and four months unpaid salary totaling LD$1 million and U$144,000, have written Solicitor General, Betty Lamin Blamo, expressing their disappointment with the ministry’s continued delay to provide documents alleged to have contained payments made to Atty. Solomon through bank account and statements.

Last year, Solomon’s lawyer complained to the Supreme Court, through a petition for the writ of “Mandamus,” to order the ministry to pay him for the seven years and four months he worked for the country without being paid.

The ministry is, however, refuting his allegation that it has all relevant documents, including bank account and statements to defend themselves against their former employee’s claim.

Based on the claim and counter claims, when the parties appeared before the Justice in Chambers of the Supreme Court, Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh, instructed the ministry to produce the documents to Atty. Solomon’s lawyers for their perusal, which they claimed the ministry has failed to do.

“We write as a follow-up to the assurance given us at the recent conference with His Honor Kabineh Ja’neh, presiding in Chamber at the Supreme Court of Liberia, during which you proposed to provide us detailed evidence of the bank account and statement of Mr. Sam T. Solomon, City Solicitor of the Monrovia City Court, that he has and continues to take pay for the last eight months.

“It is almost three weeks now since the conference was held, and it would seem that because of your continued engagement with other matters, the urgency of providing such information which seems the best evidence in the case is strangely lost or relegated to the altar of irrelevance at the determent of Mr. Solomon.

“We want you to see the communication as a reminder that we urgently need the documents allegedly containing the bank account and statement of Mr. Solomon, that you promised to provide about three weeks ago, in order help us find the truth in the matter…

“We trust that you will provide the information on or before October 18, or else we will have no other alternative but to reverse to the office of the Chamber of Justice for continuation of the matter,” said a communication addressed to Solicitor General, Cllr. Betty Lamin Blamo.

In their petition, Atty. Solomon’s lawyers asked the High Court to compel the ministry to pay him arrears for seven years and four months.

In a letter dated June 20, 2007, they said that Solomon is a victim of “atrocious neglect and denial employed by the Justice Ministry with rights and privileges and assigned to the Monrovia City Court for the last seven years, carrying out and performing his duties, which was never disputed or challenged.”

According to the petition, Atty. Solomon stated that all his attempts to bring the matter to the attention of his bosses at the Montserrado County Attorney’s office or the Ministry of Justice, have fallen on deaf ears.

He said the “blatant denial of his rights” has not only exposed him to undue financial hardship, but unnecessary embarrassment.


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