Lawrence Sua Promises “Poor Man’s” Lawyer Services

Attorney Lawrence Sua

A young law school graduate from Nimba County has vowed to provide ‘free legal services’ to residents of his community in any legal matter that would affect their lives.

Attorney Lawrence Sua, who spoke at his graduation reception in Ganta on Saturday, December 23, 2018, called on the residents to engage him with issues affecting their lives; promising to represent their legal interest any court of competent jurisdiction ‘free of charge.’

Atty. Sua was one of those who contested the 2017 representative elections in Nimba County District #1, where Ganta is situated, but lost to Rep. Jeremiah Koung.

As a former banker, Sua attended the Arthur Grimes School of Law at the University of Liberia and was among the 99th graduates.

Atty. Sua praised the residents for their support during the time of his study, pledging to render the same service to them whenever he is called upon.

The graduation reception was graced by the presence of prominent Nimba citizens, including Representatives Jeremiah K. Koung, Larry P. Younquoi, former Nimba District # 4 representative, now Attorney-at-law, Garrison Yealue, and Prince Howard, a young businessman in the county.

Rep. Koung congratulated atty. Sua for his achievement, and said despite their political rivalry, they have no differences that will make them fall apart.

He added, “politics is not law, it is a change of idea, and how to move the minds of the people. We grew up together, and are thinking about how to develop the county, because the county is greater than our individual thinking or achievements.”

Rep. Larry Younquoi stressed the importance of productivity, adding that it is good to have a destiny and be productive.


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