Lawmakers Start 3-Day Legislature Orientation Session

Partial view of lawmakers keenly studying session documents.

-Newbies to learn ‘the ropes’

Thirty-nine new members of the House of Representatives (36 males and three females) are expected to start the first of the three-day orientation session on basic concentration on legislative functions – representation, lawmaking, and oversight.

The orientation session, which starts today, Wednesday, February 21 and ends on Friday, February 23, will school freshman representatives on the duties of a lawmaker, including the kinds and functions of Committees, Joint Committees, Caucuses, and Blocs, as well as Legislative Jargon, and the House’s Rules and Procedures versus the 1986 Constitution.

The three-day orientation session is organized and sponsored by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Incumbent or re-elected lawmakers who have attended two or three orientation sessions by the NDI are also expected to attend this year’s orientation. The NDI began orientation sessions for members of the legislature in 2006.

Out of the 31 re-elected Representatives (26 males and five females), five have been reelected thrice while the remaining 26 have been reelected twice. The incumbents are expected to be learning the ‘ropes of being veterans’ in legislative discussions and the functions of being a lawmaker.

According to the organizers, lawmakers attending the training will be accommodated at the Farmington Hotel in Unification Town, Margibi County, where the sessions are to be  held.

Guest speakers will include Izmira Aitch, US Representative Gwen Moore’s Legislative Assistant for Domestic and International Issues, who will discuss justice, economic fairness, education, and nutrition and child welfare; Niyi Ajiboye, former Chief Clerk of the National Assembly of Nigeria and a trainer consultant for the National Institute for Legislative Studies in Nigeria; and David Hunter, former Chief Clerk and the Secretary of the Senate in the Montana State Legislature.

Other national staff members expected to serve as participants will include Chief Clerk of the House Mildred Sayon; Press Director Isaac G. Redd; Director of the Legislative Information Service, McCarthy Weh; Legal Drafting Director Andrew Jaye; and Sergeant-at-arms Martin Johnson.


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