Lawmaker Wants City Status for Behwalay Town

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    Nimba County District #6 Representative Ricks Y. Toweh, has submitted a bill for Behwalay Town to get city status. The town is located in Kparblee Administrative District (Tappita Statutory District).

    Rep. Toweh, Chairman of the Committee on Peace, Religion and Reconciliation, said Behwalay Town is the oldest and largest, comprising of not less than 75 villages and minor towns, with a population of about 9,000 people.

    In his letter to Deputy Speaker Hans M. Barchue, read in Thursday’s extraordinary session, Rep. Toweh said the Act that created Behwalay, Kparblee Administrative District, was mandated by his constituents to conform to statutory responsibilities, quoting Article 17 of Liberia’s 1986 Constitution.

    Article 17 says: “All persons, at all times, in an orderly and peaceful manner shall have the right to assemble and consult upon the common good, to instruct their representatives to petition the government or other functionaries for the redress of grievances and to associate fully with others or refuse to associate in political parties, trade unions and other organizations.”

    In the Act, the Nimba Lawmaker said citizens of Behwalay Town are development-oriented, evidenced by their construction schools and clinics through self-help, provision of safe drinking water, pit latrines and roads. He said the town hosts the district’s Joint Security and Customs.

    “The boundary of the city shall be as follows: starting from a border point on the north by Karngbeh-Gblee, Glalay, Yourpea New Town, and Beatuo; on the west by Yourpea Old Town and Dewoblee Old and New Towns; on the south by Dubuzon and Kaylay Town; and on the east by the Cestos River.

    “That the President of the Republic of Liberia shall appoint, with the advice and consent of the Senate, a City Mayor and other officials necessary for the governance of the city,” the Act says.

    Meanwhile, the bill requesting city status for Behwalay Town was sent to the Committee on Judiciary and Internal Affairs, which is expected to report in two months.


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