Lawmaker Rallies for Weah’s Smooth Landing in US

House Chairman on Ways, Means and Finance, Rep. Thomas Fallah.

Montserrado County Representative Thomas P. Fallah has arrived in the United States making frantic efforts to ensure that President George Weah gets a favorable reception, especially among Diaspora Liberians, upon his arrival to address the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

Fallah said that the President needs all the support, especially at that global stage, to enable him ably represent Liberia by putting forth the country’s plight to the world.

President Weah is expected to be in attendance at the 73rd Session of the UN General Assembly, which opens on September 18, 2018, in New York.

The President is expected to speak to the body of world leaders on September 26 for the first time since he ascended to Liberia’s presidency in January this year.

However, there is a reported planned protest that awaits the President at the summit from some Liberians, who feel disenchanted with his style of leadership.

Liberians across the United Sates and other parts of the world are reportedly gearing up for a mass demonstration at the UN General Assembly, to press forward for the prosecution of corrupt officials and people who perpetrated killings during the country’s 14-year civil war.

With a fear of this demonstration, which some within the ruling establishment have termed as an embarrassment, especially that this would be the President’s first visit as the country’s leader, Rep. Fallah departed the country few weeks ago to help soften the landing and possibly avert the reported planned protest.

As a key factor in the 2017 victory for the CDC, Weah promised to organize his Diaspora compatriots to give him a deserving welcome void of embarrassment.

“This is no time for protest or demonstration, but to rally around our President so that he makes our case at the GA,” a dispatch from the US quotes Rep. Fallah as saying.

“This is the President’s first trip to the US, and Liberians have the moral responsibility to ensure that they welcome their President in a way that he will be received and respected among world leaders,” he said during a meeting last week with the CDC/USA chapter leadership.

He indicated that the United Nations General Assembly, the biggest annual gathering of world leaders, is not the platform to show “that we are a divided people.”

“We will ensure that CDCians and people who believe in the President’s vision can gather and show the world that Liberians are in support of the president and his agenda,” he said.

He said a lot of Liberians do not agree with the planned protest and partisans and non-partisans will be gathering to show the world that they support their president.

Dubbed “March for Justice Campaign,” the protest will see those termed as “intellectual militant” carry on the initial protest on the date of President Weah’s arrival at the U.N. Headquarters. “By that, we will be letting the world know we are coming,” Mr. Patricks said in a live social media video recently. He is also urging those back home to join them simultaneously at the US Embassy in Monrovia.

Meanwhile, the CDC lawmaker is also using his time in the US to build relationships with members of the US Congress as well as exploring opportunities for residents of his district.


  1. What is wrong with the Foreign minister in helping to sell the idea of the government of Liberia? Mr. Fallah you are taking the wrong step by putting your party members together to go and have a demonstration.
    Your coming to America is an economic waste and a show blitz intended to impress MR. Weah that you have connections in this country. That is wrong and a joke.
    The first point of contact is the Foreign minister who needs to do his job and not you as a Lawmaker. The minister through the Liberian embassy could galvanize support from the umbrella organization the Union of Liberians Association in the United States of America (ULAA).
    The political process of Liberia must be the Liberian people decision and not a political party. Now you are trying to create more division my friend. How in the heck will you allow a political party to go at the UN headquarters to demonstrate? Remember this is not Liberia and if any disturbances that will erupt over there, you will be arrested and place in jail. After then you will have to stay for court time to exonerate yourself from such a crime.
    I hope the appropriate steps are taken in the best interest of the Liberian people from this trip.
    The time has come for the leaders of the Government of Liberia to understand that America is where Liberia needs backng and help from. Before we were born that relationship was there. However, we need to this time around put into use any help given to Liberia free from corruption and waste.
    A challenge to the President, it is about time to do something sir. The Presidency is not a Litmus test or some Rocket science. It is about going above and beyond in delivering the tasks given you.
    Was there any preparation for Preaident Weah to have sisterly and bilateral discussions with bull dog President Trump? Trump is not an easy Potato and if we do not maneuver in creating that smartness, Liberia stands at a loss. God bless Liberia.
    Welcome to America Mr. President. Please make sure you make thenestn of your trip and take it easy with the overcrowding of your entourage, because people want allowances. The economic position is tough so sound judgment or fiscal discipline is necessary.

    • Comment:l love that saying.
      The Government of Liberia needs to present it platform to the Government of the USA, to enable Liberia move forward.
      l also think it is necessary that the world crime court should be established in Liberia, so that those that killed people should be taken from our country, especially in government.

  2. Is Weah current on his child support payments in the U.S.A?? If not, he could arrested for unpaid child support. Let’s hope there’s NO warrant out there for Weah’s arrest!!!

  3. What are the functions of the Minister of Foreign Affairs concerning the President of Liberia trips to another countries? Hon. Fallah, it’s not your duty to come over here for the purpose of organizing members of your party to welcome the president. In fact, is the president coming to represent Liberia or CDC? Some of you guys don’t give the president good leadership advice that’s why he’s not doing well with this position. Since you came to organize members of the CDC Political party to welcome the president, do not bother other Liberians who want to protest against the president’s performance; cdcians are not more Liberians than the rest of us.


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