Lawmaker Raises Security Red Flag on Capitol Hill, Introduces New Measures

The main pedestrian entrance of the Capitol Building is now manned by new security personnel.

In the wake of reported security threat at the Capitol Building, the seat of Legislature, a lawmaker has raised a red flag on the situation, thereby recruiting and employing two distinct security services.

With that in mind, the House has established its own private security service, the Legislative Security Service (LSS), while the Senate too has hired the Intelligence Security Training Company (ISTC) to guard its wing of the building.

Montserrado County District #1 Representative Lawrence Morris said the Legislature, which currently has four edifices (office blocks), remains vulnerable, and there is a need for security measures be heightened, to respond to any eventuality.

Rep. Morris  told reporters at a news conference yesterday, August 13, 2018, that the leadership of the House of Representatives and the Senate should review and enhance security to meet whatever level of security risk the Legislature may encounter.

Rep. Morris: “Tight security measures should always be hot spot at the Legislature.”

“While we cannot comment on the specifics of our security services, we want to say that the Legislature is vulnerable. There should be thorough checks of people at the entrances; protocol officers should wear uniform, journalists and visitors should display tags at all times whenever they are in the building as well as employees or support staff,” Rep. Morris said.

He added, “Tight security measures should always remain enforced at the Legislature, and  under constant review because it hosts the first branch of the government.”

Morris did not say what prompted the red alert on security at the Legislature, but his worry follows a report the House’s Sergeant-at-Arms, Martin Johnson, made to journalists that the Capitol Building was vulnerable.

It may be recalled that the former director General of National Security Agency (NSA) Fombah Sirleaf, in 2006 informed then lawmakers that the Legislature was “vulnerable,” and so they should improve security by assigning trained security personnel along with requisite gadgets.


  1. So one or two representatives get angry and right away two security firms are contracted just like that? No bidding, no vetting? Sumtin inside. But more importantly, the security of our national leaders ought to be the responsibility of national government, not the emotional burden of few crooks with obvious vested interest in the purported solution. Check it out these security agencies belong to some of these same so-called lawmakers. Also aren’t things of this nature supposed to be in the purview of the administrative arm of the house, far removed from these octopuses? With all the armed robberies that have been and continue to take place in Liberia, why haven’t these “angry” and concerned lawmakers taken some remedial actions to address these threats similarly? It goes to show how these lawmakers are all about self-interest and to hell with the rest of everybody. We really see trouble.

  2. Sheer paranoid! running from their shadow because of their dirty deeds, living in fear because of their crafty machinations against their own people. They used to blame the congo people but this is the worst period in our country history lead by saahs’, kollies’, weahs’, nagbes’, fordays’, musas’, kamara and all.


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