Lawmaker Pays Tuition for 143 University Students

Rep. Lawrence Morris (right) displays the US$10,000 cash and US$10,000 cheque.

About one hundred and forty-three freshmen students from 11 communities in Montserrado County District #1 will begin their first year with a “tuition-free” education at the Barshell University College (BUC) in Paynesville, outside Monrovia, under Representative Lawrence Morris’ Bachelor’s Degree Scholarship Program.

The scholarship is in fulfillment of Rep. Morris’ promises to develop the youth, because he believes that education gives a person intellectual enrichment, employment opportunities, and builds a solid professional and social network.

Communities in which the benefiting students reside include Careysburg (38); Louisiana (28); Tolberta (20); Kingsville (17); Mount Coffee and Bentol City (9); Tubmanville (6); Voker Mission (5); Crozierville and White Plains (4 persons each), and Harrisburg (3).

At yesterday’s launch of the program making the “tuition-free” payment on BUC campus, an amount of L$3.1 million, which is equivalent to US$20,000 was paid to the administration of the university to kickstart about 65 percent of the tuition of the 143 students.

Cross section of the scholarship students with Reps. Morris and Barshell

“This is the first time we  are witnessing not only words, but deeds. Many times you find people in schools that are being promised scholarships, but in the end, the beneficiaries are thrown out of classes, because those who often make the financial promise do not eventually live up to their commitments. Besides, at Barshell University, we are sponsoring over 50 students attending other universities, including the University of Liberia,” Rep. Morris said.

He called on students at Barshell University to take advantage of the offer, “because l value education and it is in this light I have waived my four years’ salaries to provide scholarships at the total cost of US$90,000 per year.”

He added, “Initially, l planned to offer scholarship to 57 students, but today 143 students are benefiting from my gesture, because for me, education is important; so it is in this light that I came to fulfill my promise.”

A representative of the Barshell University, Sneh Johnson, who received the US$10,000 and also a cheque of US$10, 000, thanked Rep. Morris for the commitment, urging the benefiting students to take advantage of the scholarship and learn well, in order to be able to join those who want to develop the country.

Barshell University chairman of the Board of Trustees and Montserrado County District #3 Representative Ceebee Barshell, expressed gratitude to his colleague for fulfilling his commitment to ensure that the minds of youth are developed in the district, because education is the light and the key of any nation.


  1. Ridiculous!!! Taking ppl’s own money and giving them chicken feed is not an accomplishment – promote policies that permanently ensure higher education; this a your real job. Sometimes I wonder why we spend close to $70M/year to maintain a useless body like the Liberian Legislature.

    • Okay, you make a good point that we should make policies that permanently ensure higher education is available to all those who qualify. However, you must also realize that one must crawl before you walk. It takes time to get policy in place and those students could benefit from the scholarship in the meantime. Also, he is keeping his promise to the young people of the district and that must be commended. Our previous Representative didn’t do darn thing for the people and that’s why she was kicked out of office. This is a very good first step and he can go on to craft legislation to create good quality education for the young people of Liberia. Rep. Morris is the kind of leadership we need in Liberia.

      • Speak for yourself! “it’s the kind of leadership you need.” This man takes Government money and gives it to his colleague’s school, while the President is declaring free Undergraduate education at LU. These Representatives should not be running schools, and receiving Government money at these schools. This is a complete conflict of interest.

  2. Thanks, Hon Morris for keeping your promise to the young people of your disctrict. There are those who will always talk negative no matter what you do for your people.


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