Law School Gets WLCU Scholarships for 18


Eighteen students of the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law at the University of Liberia (UL), who have been short listed to benefit from scholarships donated to the school yesterday by the World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU),  have praised the union for the “good gesture”.

The scholarships totaling the amount of US$6,750, are awarded to the best students of the law school.
The students, led by Ahmed Wazni, President of the WLCU, visited the scholarship beneficiaries to thank them for their support.

Wazni informed the students that the Union has now increased the scholarship beneficiaries from 12 to 18 persons.
He also told the beneficiaries that the condition attached to the scholarship was for students to maintain a passing grade during the period of study, “and to give back to society or help others when they  graduate from the law school.”
According to Mr. Wazni, members of the Union are ready to assist students to achieve their educational goals after they graduate so that they will contribute meaningfully to the social and economic development of the country.
In addition to the scholarships, Wazni provided 250 arm chairs as the Union’s contribution to the law school.
Cllr. Negbalee Warner, Dean of the law school, also joined the students to extend his thanks and appreciation to the leadership of the WLCU for assisting those he termed as, “deserving students” as well as coming to the aid of the law school.


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