Launching Celegbeh Talk

Lonestar Cell MTN and the Daily Observer have teamed up to produce a new column, "Celegbeh Talk".

Lonestar Cell MTN and the Daily Observer Bridge the Digital Divide with A New Column on Technology and Telecoms

In an effort to bridge the digital divide in Liberia’s growing tech-savvy economy, Lonestar Cell MTN in partnership with the Daily Observer are launching a new column on technology and telecommunications, called Celegbeh Talk. Celegbeh is a colloquial term for cell phone.

This column will examine technologies and telecommunications through the use of the cellphone and the ecosystem that is built around it.   In addition, Celegbeh Talk seeks to educate the public on technological advances and the possibilities for growth and development that exist within them.

Through Celegbeh Talk’s exploration of the technological and telecoms industry, it is hoped that it will not only inspire the development of a tech saavy generation, but also create a culture of solving challenges and streamlining Liberia’s processes through the use of technology-based applications and services. 

The column is also a platform for the people involved in the technology and telecommunications industry so they may begin to take ownership of Liberia’s digital future. Celegbeh Talk appears only on the Daily Observer’s website and Lonestar Cell MTN Social media every Thursday, beginning April 29, 2021. 


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