Late Ammons’ Estate Gives 60-Day Ultimatum


    Four years after the Probate Court ruling, the new head of the Intestate Estate of the late Igal Ammons has given thousands of “unlawful tenants” a 60-day ultimatum to move from its 200 acres of land situated in Paynesville, a suburb east of Monrovia.

    In an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer on Thursday, April 18, Telford Ammons explained that, “Despite the court’s ruling there has been no success in getting illegal squatters off of the property. We have resolved to give them a 60-day ultimatum; if they refuse to leave we will forcibly evict them.”

    The Court on April 23, 2010 ruled that, “Any persons or individuals that may have executed a lease agreement with Charles, Ernest and Philip Ammons are accordingly advised to give due cognizance to this ruling; and they may negotiate with Telford Ammons, the rightful administrator of the Estate, if they desire.”

    The ruling followed after Judge Vinton Holders revoked the courts’ letter of administration issued to the men (Charles, Ernest and Philip Ammons,) admitting, “they misled the court and obtained the letters of administration for the Intestate Estate of the late Igal Ammons without any authorization or consent of the biological children, and executed leases on some of the properties.”

    Judge Holders also ordered, “all lease agreements executed by them (Charles, Ernest and Philip) are hereby declared null and void, and we are revoking the court’s letter of administration issued to them.”

    According to the new estate administrator, since the ruling, his family was hoping those he described as “illegal occupants” would have negotiated with them, “unfortunately,” he said, “nobody has approached us.”

    “We are not worrying, I know we should, but we aren’t. It has taken us four years; we are going somewhere, because our lawyers are preparing some legal documents for the eviction order,” Telford maintained.  

    Mr. Ammons continued, “We will not spare anyone — including those that entered into a lease agreement with our late father, Igal Ammons, Sr, and subsequently had defaulted on the term of reference of said agreement.”


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