‘Last Well’ to Unveil Delivery of Safe Drinking Water for All by 2020


The Last Well, the American non-governmental Christian organization from Rockwall, Texas, in the United States that is determined to provide safe drinking water throughout Liberia by the year 2020 will hold its first national partner conference tomorrow, August 2, at Kendeja Hotel.

The gathering will be the largest partner conference yet, with key leaders of Last Well’s NGO and evangelism affiliates as well as dignitaries from across Liberia, including representatives from President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s office.

“We will share our strategic plan to bring the Gospel and clean water to all of Liberia by December 2020, and celebrate the more than one million Liberians who have already been reached,” a release, signed by Rev. Dr. Todd Phillips, founder and president of The Last Well, said.

He said details of The Last Well’s ongoing partnership with the Ministry of Public Works and a shared strategy to reach all of Liberia by the year 2020 and gather relevant data from the field to assist the Ministry of Public Works in its effort to maintain the water delivery initiative will be done well after the year 2020.

Participants are expected to bring to the table their expertise as partners to share what God will do over the next 53 months to make Liberia the first developing nation in history to have universal access to clean water and make Liberia the nation most saturated with the Gospel in our time, the release said.

Dr. Phillips is passionate about eradicating waterborne illness in Liberia and sharing the Gospel with every village that is transformed through the provision of clean drinking water by the year 2020, according to the release.

After a radical conversion experience at age 24, Todd devoted the next 20 years to reaching primarily young adults around the world with the life-transforming message of Jesus Christ as an evangelist and pastor. He recently served as Teaching Pastor at Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, Texas, before taking on his current fulltime role with The Last Well in March 2013, according information on www.thelastwell.org

His vision for The Last Well came while he was the Senior Pastor of Frontline Church in Washington D.C. Many of the young adults who regularly attended one of ten Frontline Campuses around D.C. saw the movie, “Amazing Grace.” God used the movie, chronicling the life of William Wilberforce, a Christ follower credited with ending the slave trade in the U.K., to create an otherworldly passion in the hearts and minds of the 4,000 young adults who were part of the church. They came to Todd Phillips asking, “Why can’t we see God end something in our generation like he did when he ended the slave trade through William

Wilberforce?” From that question, The Last Well was born, the release narrated.

Meanwhile, Grand Kru County and recently Grand Cape Mount County have benefited from safe drinking water wells constructed in towns and villages ensuring that typhoid, dysentery and malaria that had wreaked havoc over the years are things of the past, the release indicated.


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