Largest Oil Palm Mill in West Africa to be Constructed in Maryland County

SIFCA CEO Alassane Doumbia meets with President George M. Weah

The Chairman of the SIFCA Group of Companies and owner of the Cavalla Rubber Corporation(CRC) and the Maryland Oil Palm Plantation (MOPP), Mr. Allasanne Doumbia has disclosed that work is already underway for the construction of what will be the largest oil palm mill in West Africa upon completion. According to Mr. Doumbia, the mill which will process 80 tons of fresh palm fruit daily is being constructed under a joint venture arrangement with the Golden Verroleum oil palm company.

The total cost of the project is put at US$34 million dollars and is expected to boost the country’s foreign exchange earnings from the export of palm oil. Mr. Doumbia was speaking over the weekend at payment ceremonies marking the final settlement of money owed to affected farmers of the Baraake area for the loss of their home structures. He expressed delight over the successful outcome of negotiations leading to the payment over the weekend and the start-up of the oil palm mill project.

“This morning, we met with His Excellency President George Manneh Weah. He told us how important agriculture is to him. He gave us his encouragement for our joint venture we are now preparing with GVL to build the biggest palm oil mill in the region. The project is well advanced, and the construction of the factory will soon start. I encourage all of you who have farm land to take advantage of this process”.

“The factory is a clear testimony of our confidence in Liberia. We will not want to put more money here if we didn’t know it will work. Long before the republics of Cote d’Ivoire and Liberia, our people lived and worked together and shared everything. There is no reason why we cannot emulate that now”.

Continuing he said, “currently, MOPP and CRC employ more than 2,000 people in full time jobs. Every month, we spend close to half a million dollars every month just in salary. You all know that the price of rubber has gone down massively in the past few years. The price of rubber in the world marked dropped significantly. In as much as this situation brought difficult financial times, we kept the work force and we paid the people the same salaries they were getting when things were good. That is how committed we are to the community”.

Elaborating further, Allasane Doumbia said “We support a scholarship program at Tubman University and as member of the Board, we insist that agriculture and research be emphasized. We have a very well-staffed clinic in Pleebo. We have and continue to invest in the out-grower program and we want to extend the process further, so that farmers, people who have land, can make some good income. We contribute to the social development fund in keeping with corporate responsibility. Sometimes, we even go further. Like today, the money we are giving you we do it behalf of the Government. The Government of Liberia was supposed to pay this amount but knowing the financial difficulties of the country, we are doing that for you”.

He said currently, palm fruit harvested in their concession area is taken across the border into La Cote d’Ivoire for processing noting that with the completion of the mill, all processing will be done in Liberia. He said workers are already being recruited to undergo training for the operation of the mill when completed, noting that a total of 300 workers will be required to man its operations. The proposed oil palm mill, the first of its kind in Liberia is expected to become operational later this year.


  1. Revitalizing the economy is essential to economic growth!!!

    Political stability and good infrastructures like roads, electricity, and clean drinking water are integral parts to development. It is commendable to see investors’ positive attitude towards laying the groundwork to transform some of Liberia’s raw material like palm kernels into finished products like Palm Oil.

    The construction of a manufacturing oil palm processing plant is long overdue. I remember, in that same part of the country, the Chinese (The Taiwanese) had a large sugar cane processing plant called LIBSUCO built in the late seventies. I hope in the foreseeable future other needed palm oil derivatives such as lotion, soap and other household products can be derived through research and development (R&D).

    In as much as foreign companies are lured by this government to come and invest in Liberia, it is also incumbent upon this government of Liberia to find it expedient to come up with development plans in facilitating the growth of development and employment by focusing on building more roads; increasing electricity by harnessing the hydro-power of the mighty St. John and Cavalla Rivers, and last but not least, by focusing on bringing clean drinking water to the poor inhabitants living in the rural parts of Liberia. Rural development (employment) helps alleviate overcrowding in the City of Monrovia.

    Liberia is richly endowed with abundant natural resources: many rivers, abundant forest, fertile soil, beautiful beaches, the mighty Atlantic Ocean Coast, and a small population. These are natural gifts from God that many countries, those landlocked, and some lacking natural resources would envy to have.

    It is the maximum utilization of these natural resources, coupled with sound fiscal policies and the fair distribution of Liberia’s wealth for its citizens to have equal opportunities to develop their God given potential that will determine the economic trajectory of Liberia in the years to come.

    Again, thanks to the CEO of SIFCA Group of Companies, Mr. Alassane Doumbia, for “putting his money where his mouth is” as the saying goes. Action speaks louder than words. Many poor Liberians need jobs to feed their family. Thank You Sir.

  2. This appears to be a very good project; I want to know whether the finished product will be shipped through The Port of Harper, in order to get the port operational, or will be shipped through Tarbuo(sp)? If shipped via through Harper Port, it will provide job opportunities, revenue and foreign exchange for Liberia; through the Ivory Coast, some of these benefits will go to that country.
    Concerning the ownership of the Cavalla Rubber Corporation, please clarify, I was under the impression that the plantation was contracted to SIFCA, I did not know that it was sold, is this an error, or am I wrong?

  3. HAHAHAHH – Its amazing that people CANNOT see or read between the lines. The reason they have chosen Maryland County is simply because they need a SITE that is close to the Ivory Border to feed power from across the border to feed the mill. Those who are advising the President are doing him and the nation a GREAT dis-service. If you do NOT understand something its BETTER to say “I DO NOT KNOW”. They are feeding this investment plan based on the “Ignorance” of those around the President and those who have taken the brown envelopes.

    1) With this amount of palm being processed, then they must BUILD a power plant to PROCESS the waste of the oil palm to feed power across the Southeastern part of Liberia.

    2) This is a SELFISH investment that will only benefit a few people and mostly the Ivory Coast and the investors in this project. They have made their DEAL behind closed doors outside of GOL and this deal is based on the “BACKS” of the Ignorant Liberians. Ivory Coast Gov will provide the power” and this plant will be a major customer to Cote D’Ivoire Power Company – GV will process their palm at this plant at a reduced cost since they will provide a certain amount of CapEx for the Plant Building.

    3) The Oil Palm Companies have a “Silent Plan” in Liberia which is to NEVER teach the Liberians how to use the Oil Palm Waste to GENERATE power because this will cause them to take over the power plant and sell the power BACK to the plants

    4) This is the solution for MORE Bio Fuels Power Plants in Liberia using the Oil Palm Waste to generate power and stimulate more economic growth and create more jobs and increase the quality of life.

    This “SHIT” needs to end once and for all. People sit around and pretend to KNOW and they KNOW not and take an entire nation into the wilderness and do it with ARROGANCE. If you do not know just say I DO NOT KNOW and seek the KNOWLEDGE.

    The Palm Waste is the BIGGEST part of the Oil Palm Business. It generates power and stimulates jobs and this power will drive economic growth.

    Thank you. You need me you know where to FIND me

    [email protected]

  4. Welcomed development for your county and the country as a whole.

    Liberians aren’t incapable, we just lack opportunity. I applaud the efforts by all those concerned.

  5. Same thing should apply to ArcelorMittal, which has no respect for Liberia’s laws and is always putting the interest of Indians and South Africans above those of Liberians.


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