Large Illicit Ghanaian Miners Destroying Gbarpolu Forest

Flashback: Miners in the Gola National Park claim they have Class 'C' mining licenses, but refuse to display them.

-Sen Naatehn Warns of Huge Disaster Looming; Accuses Lands and Mines Ministry of Complacency

Gbarpolu County Senator Daniel Flomo Naatehn has warned of a huge looming disaster in the wake of the growing wave of illicit mining in his county.

“These illicit miners who are predominantly Ghanaian nationals, are causing huge environmental degradation that is now threatening the very livelihood of Liberian citizens living in places with huge concentrations of the illicit Ghanaian miners,” Senator Naatehn’s February 18, 2021 communication noted.

Senator Naatehn disclosed that the miners are using an immeasurable volume of a very dangerous chemical called mercury to extract gold, and has made all the rivers unsafe for humans, wildlife and domesticated animals that depend on the rivers for drinking, washing and other purposes. The Senator lamented that the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy which has the statutory responsibility to grant mining licenses and also institute measures to ensure the safety of Liberian citizens in mining communities is said to be complacent in the illegal mining atrocities in Gbarpolu. “Hence, the Ministry’s inability to take legal measures to gradually curtail the illegal mining or totally abolish the act is not healthy for our country.”

“Colleagues, we have a huge disaster looming right under our noses and we must urgently take actions to safeguard our resources and protect the livelihood of our citizens. Therefore, I am requesting your indulgence for plenary to invite the Minister of Lands, Mines and Energy to appear before this august body to tell the Liberian people why the Ministry is intentionally failing to implement the necessary laws against the dangerous chemicals and other harmful methods of mining against the safety of our people and wildlife.”

Agreeing with his colleague’s call for urgent attention, Senator J. Gbleh-bo Brown said the counties in the southeast of the country, including his Maryland County, are all experiencing the growing wave of illegal depletion of the ecosystem of the country through crude mining methods. The Committee on Lands, Mines and Energy together with other relevant committees have been charged by Senate plenary to conduct an exhaustive investigation and report within two weeks.


  1. Can anything good come out of this plenary you guys are requesting, honorable lawmakers?

    You have a government with a pro-Pocket Agenda for the Pauperization and Dehumanization of Liberia, what good do you expect of it?
    They are busy filling their pockets with what other people have worked for, and taking their plunders to the USA and Jamaica to keep, what do you expect from them?
    Do you think they care about the land and its inhabitants? It’s their time too, to chop, like the other people.

    A son-of-soil president will ensure the livelihoods of the people are maintained. The livelihoods of Liberians include our flora and fauna, the minerals found in the place called Liberia.
    They bought themselves a private jet, while the country does not even have a helicopter to tour our rainforests for any illicit activities.
    They broke down their houses and reconstructed them into mansions, while schoolteachers do not have any accommodation in the hinterland to sleep and teach our children, then they expect them to understand and bear the situation.

    Mr. President, I can understand and bear the situation if you too are understanding and bearing the situation like the late Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso.
    You and your ministers cannot be living flashy and you expect me to stay in the remotest parts of the country with no pipe borne water, electricity, healthcare centers and accommodations for me and family; we describe such call as notorious hypocrisy!

    Empower our Forestry Department Gbekugbeh! This too, is part of the FIXES you promised! Start the FIXES you promised, Gbekugbeh!

  2. This is yet another example of the wholesale looting of Liberia that has ensued under a government led by misfits and criminals. With the Liberian economy rapidly declining as reflected by the chronic shortage of cash, the plundering of the natural resources would intensify to generate hard currency, as was the case during the civil war and Charles Taylor’s murderous era. Without necessary reforms, the Liberian economy risks another collapse similar to what happened during the civil war, when shady companies operated in various parts of Liberia, with the support of those in power, to loot the natural resources. Let it be made absolutely clear to the Ghanaians involved in this business that Liberians will not tolerate you to come and violate our laws and contribute to the destruction of Liberia because Weah has a very close link to Ghana. We will not allow you to do in our country what Ghanaians will not allow foreigners to do in Ghana. While Liberians appreciate Ghana’s role in the search for peace in Liberia, we detest Ghanaians collaborating with Weah and his criminal gangs in the looting of Liberian resources. For the Liberian people, this is what you get when you elect someone who continues to demonstrate lack of maturity and doesn’t appear to have any conception of what being president of a country is. Let’s just pray and hope that Liberia doesn’t buckle under the weight of growing problems before Weah’s tenure ends.

  3. The current lawmakers of Liberia are politically bankrupt! It’s just the fact.
    The lawmakers’ bankruptcy came about because of the condition they’ve boxed themselves in. Example, the Liberian lawmakers sign concessions. There’s something behind signing concessions. Something stinky! Of course, the signing of a concession is not a function of the legislative branch of government. Civilized people know this.

    Can a crooked lawmaker discipline a foreign investment firm or company?

    Response: It’s highly unlikely.

    Bottom Line:
    Exploitation exists. Unfortunately, the exploitation of the Liberian people will continue because the corrupt Liberian lawmakers have signed concessions earlier. As corrupt as they are, how can they stop the exploitation of the Liberian people by foreign investors? Once again, it’s highly unlikely.

    Positive Action….
    A military-style takeover, without a single loss of life, of the Liberian lawmakers is the only remedy. Just the lawmakers. Not The Entire Government!!!!!

    Military takeovers have occurred throughout the world. But there’s not a situation that I am aware of where the lawmakers were rounded up forceably in a jail cell.

    If the lawmakers of Liberia are replaced, good things will happen for a change.

  4. Mr Hney

    If the mining industry was one of the 64 bogus concessions agreements, not reviewing and renegotiating should send a shiver down the spine. Needless to say, being in locksteps with failed domestic policies of the preceding administration put implementation of the PPAD in jeopardy. Hardships at home demand significant economic reforms, and time isn’t on the side of GMW. As for soldiers, they must stay far-away from the civilian population and politics.

  5. Did I read this well?
    Is Grand Frere Hney calling for an insurrection in Liberia?
    I think I did not understand what he meant by “a military-style takeover”.

    Do you think the military will takeover both houses and leave the executive mansion intact? Grand Frere………….!!!!!!!!!!

    Our dear people, no military takeover of the lawmakers, NO, NO NO and NO!
    You have the power of the ballot box to undo any corrupt or mundane lawmakers. Use the power of your suffrage come 2023 to thank some criminals still loitering into our distinguished lower and upper houses. Vote people of integrity, proven and true patriotism, educated people with proven professional expertise.
    Put all the rebels out from both houses, the thieves too should go, and the American people should NOT represent any county in Liberia.

    The era of a new dawn is opening in Liberia. No more subversive actions of any manner in our country again.
    Long live our patronym!

  6. Blame it on the weakness of our weak [LIBERIAN] leadership. Ghana will never tolerate such; as Ghanaian illegal [MINERS] are doing to Liberia. Send the illegal [GHANAIAN] miners and others a strong message in accordance with Liberia’s [LAWS]. Any violators should receive a lengthy prison term. Foreign violators should immediately be deported to their Country of origin; after they have served their prison term of at least 10 years; with hard labor.

  7. Mon Petit Frere,
    Oui! I am calling for a kind of a change that has not been seen before. The change will not take the meaning of the word “insurrection” as we know it, but rather a civilized bloodless takeover of the legislative branch of government. Furthermore, the takeover will not involve the military. On the flip side, the “bloodless takeover” will involve people like me, you, and other Liberian intellectuals who are fed up with the lawmaking body of the Liberian republic. This is something you’ve never seen, neither have I, by the way.

    Petit Frere, I fully understand where you and Mr. Moses are coming from. I am not a violent person, but I am not weak either. I believe that the power of the ballot box is essential. It will be impossible for the Liberian electorate to rise to the occasion and perform spectacular wonders at the ballot box by voting the lawmakers out. Just think that through!

    Some of our voters are heavily bribed during pre-election times. Also, remember this…. every voter has to eat and feed his or her family. With those aspects of reality going through one’s subconscious, it will be impossible to expect the voters to vote the lawmakers out.

    Throughout history, philosophers have said things that most people did not embrace immediately. But over the years, once reality sunk into the subconscious minds of people, the concept of second thoughts became a reality.

    My takeover is far different than the one Trump and his maniacs staged on January 6.

  8. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    Ooh my poor old man Donald Trump.
    He’s no longer the president, leave my most progressive president ever in modern time alone. Enjoy your new Open Door policy and effective COVID-19 plan.

    Watch up for Cuomo!
    What goes around comes around.


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