Lappa Fashion Night Out Set For Jan. 18

Lappa Fashion Night Out

Junda Morris Agency, organizer of the prestigious fashion event, Runway Liberia International, has announced a new event aimed at resuscitating Liberia’s struggling fashion industry.

The event, which is style Lappa Fashion Night Out, goal is to fuse art, culture, and tourism with modeling in a bid to boost Liberia fashion industry.

It aims is to have designers networking with would-be shoppers and treating them as VIPs, or at least a part of the otherwise impenetrable fashion community to boost their brand and sale.

“The event comes at a time when growth in Liberia’s struggling fashion industry is fast declining and putting lots of people out of business. Therefore, my team and I thought it wise to create this event to boost Liberian Fashion Brands and make it household names.  Attendees will be able to hit the official lappa red carpet, which will be streamed live to discuss their dress code and much more,” said Junda Morris Kennedy, the event organizer in a press release.

Madam Kennedy added fashion is a billion-dollar industry across Africa and it is about time Liberia became a part of the growing industry.

“Once the local fashion industry is growing, the economy will benefit as a job will be created. To achieve this, Lappa Fashion night out was born, which will be held quarterly to give us a seat at the table in the growing African Fashion Industry,” she said.  “Despite the recovery from decades of war, we must not be left behind with some of the amazing growth of the African continent.”

The event, according to Kennedy, will feature leading top models including Sozo Mabruk, a model signed to International Junda Morris Agency, who is also one of the event organizers.

According to the release, the event will be held at the Celavi night club on January 18, 2019, and the gate opens at 9 p.m.



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