Land Taskforce Commends Legislature, President


The House of Representatives on September 20 concurred with the Senate for the passage into law of the Liberia Land Authority Act.

The establishment of the new Land Authority will bridge the coordination gap that had long existed within the institutional framework of the land sector at both the central and local levels of government, according to the Interim Land Taskforce (ILTF).

ILTF said the lack of coordination has led to serious challenges and the deterioration of the capabilities of the land administration that have negatively impacted policy and program regulatory enforcement and service delivery in the land sector.

The Land Authority will assume land functions from several institutions, including the Department of Lands, Survey and Cartography of the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy, Center for National Documents and Record Agency, Ministries of Internal Affairs, and other agencies of government.

The Liberia Land Authority, as a one-stop-shop for land matters, will be responsible for land governance and administration and will promote, support, and ensure the development and implementation of land use plans, among other responsibilities, according to ILTF.

ILTF in a statement has expressed appreciation to the Senate for the passage of the Liberia Land Authority Act, and the Honorable House of Representatives for concurrence.

The Taskforce assured the lawmakers that they have done a great service to the nation through the passage of the Land Authority Act and anticipates the continued support of the members of the National Legislature during the transition to the new Liberia Land Authority.

The Taskforce also acknowledged the support and contributions of donors and international partners, including the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Land Governance Support Activity (LGSA), World Bank, SIDA, UNMIL, EU, among others during the process for the passage of the Act.

The Taskforce is equally grateful to the all passionate supporters and stakeholders in the land sector, including in particular, the Civil Society Organization (CSO) Land Rights Working Group for their unwavering support through advocacy for the passage of the Act.

The Taskforce in its statement extended appreciation to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for her continued support to the land reform program of Liberia, evident by her submission to the Legislature for enactment of two landmark land bills – Land Rights Bill and the Liberia Land Authority Bill, which have been passed into law by Legislature.


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