Land Disputes Shake Rock Town, Little Webbo


Maryland County Superintendent, Madam Betsy T. Kouh –Toe, has confirmed the occurence of land disputes between residents of Rock Town and Little Webbo in Maryland County.

It is a situation that is brewing tension especially during this farming season, Madam Toe said.

Supt. Toe told the Daily Observer in Harper City on Tuesday, June 7 that the renewed tension began over a parcel of farmland, which residents of both the towns are claiming ownership of.

She said one of the claimants had earlier brushed the area, but shortly after that, another opposing group also laid claim to the same land and set fire to it.

“The two parties representing each of the rival towns are claiming ownership for being the first to have engaged the farmland,” Supt. Toe said.

She said the latest tension is not as grave as it was a few years ago where life was lost. She said the county administration has found a way to calm the situation and bring it to its final settlement.

According to Supt Toe, a similar land dispute erupted recently in the Senoken Community around Pleebo, a commercial hub of the county, where two neighboring towns were claiming the same parcel of land that falls in their boundary.

She said the County Administration has meanwhile ‘peacefully’ resolved the situation.

Despite government’s intervention, the Daily Observer has obtained credible information that the situation is far from over even though residents of the area have long lived together.

Also, this newspaper established that Rock Town was the first to settle in the area before the coming of Little Webbo, whose inhabitants were reportedly allowed by Rock Town residents to cohabitate with them in peace based on good neighborliness.

Nevertheless, due to present population growth, citizens of Rock Town have reportedly become uneasy of Little Webbo’s continued presence as well as their cultivating on what Rock Town considers as their ancestral land.

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