Land Dispute Hangs over Ganta Again


Nimba County District # 1 Representative Jeremiah Koung has disclosed that conflict is still raging over land in Ganta.

According to Representative Koung, the tension is rising because of government’s failure to fully address the parcel of land declared eminent domain in 2010 July 26.

Making the disclosure at the third commencement of the Liberia International Christian College in Ganta on the 6th of July 2014, Rep. Koung said the land crisis in Ganta is far from being over unless the status of the land surrounding the Ganta Market is settled.

“I observe tension in Ganta over the land government declared eminent domain,” he told the audience that attended Liberia International Christian College commencement.

“The government is too slow in addressing the issue and ending it altogether,” he added.

At the 2010 Independence Day celebration in Nimba County, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf declared the land where Ganta Market is currently located an “eminent domain,” but since then, the fate of the land has remained in limbo.

Although, the market still runs there, effort by the government to construct a modern market on the land in 2012 was heavily resisted by squatters and those who still claimed to be the owners.

The new market project, which is still ongoing, was relocated to another location while the old market continues on the same ground, but the fear is that if the new marker is completed and the marketers relocated, the old market ground will be heavily contested.

The long standing land dispute in Nimba, especially Ganta was partly settled last year when most of those involved (both claimants and respondents) received compensation to vacate.

Representative Koung remarks at the commencement convocation coincided with the arrival of Lands, Mines & Energy Minister Patrick Sendolo, whom he (Koung) reminded to survey the disputed land and settle those who need settlement.


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