It is an uncommon truth that the architects of laws and the enforcers of laws do not create adequate awareness, as well as, dissimilate information about such laws to afford every citizen know and appreciate the importance and consequences.

This public view about obscuring laws and other public documents seems to be at variance with the Land Commission’s policy-driven vision, which is intended to transform the land sector in Liberia.

The Commission recently, after the passage the Act Against Criminal Conveyance of Land, held a week-long workshop for several personnel of the Judiciary, the Justice System, County Land Commissioners, Surveyors and members of other land-related institutions across the country. The Land Commission also took to the media to heighten the awareness to every corner of the country. This idea was intended to keep every citizen abreast of the land reform agenda of the Commission and to assist law enforcement institutions curb the incessant fraudulent sales of land.

The week-long training workshop on the Criminal Conveyance of Land Law was ended with a call for the establishment of a special court for the adjudication of cases emanating from criminal conveyance and the creation of a Land Crime Unit at the Criminal Services Division at the Liberia National Police.

The proposal was reached by the participants at the workshop after a consensus-building deliberation on the implementation of the Criminal Conveyance of land Law.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Land Commission, Dr. Cecil O. T. Brandy, said the Act against Criminal Conveyance of Land is a significant law to protect land in Liberia from the hands of criminal-minded people, as well as, to prevent future chaos that could originate over land if not serious addressed through a medium such as this law.

Dr. Brandy also called for a rapid and broader implementation of the Act, adding that the enforcement of the Law is key to resolving land conflicts and maintaining peace and stability, as well as, social and economic development in Liberia.

Dr. Brandy expressed gratitude to the full representation of the Ministry of Justice and the Judiciary who according to him are the first respondents and at the frontline in crime investigation and adjudication. He also lauded the county land commissioners and surveyors for honoring the Commission’s invitation for the enlightenment on this new law.

The land Commission Boss said the strength of a law lies within the enforcement and adjudicatory power and therefore having the full participation of the judiciary and the law enforcement arm of Government will give the assurance of the effectiveness of the Act Against Criminal Conveyance of Land

The workshop was a part of the Land Commission’s overall campaign on it activities towards meeting the mandate engendered its Act by the Government Of Liberia. The Act Against Criminal Conveyance of Land Law is the first law in the Republic of Liberia to deal with land cases as a criminal matter and named people who according to Chairman Brandy, will face serious consequences for violation of the tems identified by the Act.

Prior to the coming into existence of the Criminal Conveyance of Land Law, cases emanating from land were considered and adjudicated as a civil matters, but with the passage of this law on matter as of September 2, 2014 , any case originating from fraudulent land deals will be treated as a criminal. In a nutshell, the Act will prosecute those criminally conveying land, and those using their influences to unscrupulously claim title to land in the country and those buying land without doing due diligence.

The training will be extended to all County Land Commissioners, Surveyors, and all associated stakeholders so as to create adequate awareness on the law to every sector of our Country as well as fast strike the implementation of the first land law in Liberia.


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