Land Authority Receives US$89,000 Survey Equipment


The United Nations Development Program (UNDP)-Liberia office has presented the amount of US$89, 000 to authorities of the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) for Survey Equipment, a UNDP release said yesterday.

According to the release, a critical function in land administration and management in the country is the establishment of a referencing system for land information data, which will provide the basic information needed for the National Land Information System (NLIS).

The NLIS is the foundation for the development of a national spatial data infrastructure, to effectively manage land administration functions at national, sub-national, regional and local levels and aid in sustainable development planning.

As a first step towards this, LLA has created a new Survey Division which is being supported by UNDP, with the procurement of modern equipment and appropriate tools to enable efficient delivery of land administration services.

On April 3, UNDP turned over to the LLA land survey equipment that constitutes its modest yet significant support at a cost of $89,747.40, the release said.

The modern equipment supports the work of the newly-trained surveyors who, until the delivery of recent material, had little or no access to facilities.

This activity is part of UNDP’s support to the LLA under the Liberia Land Administration and Governance Support Project.

At a brief turnover ceremony at the office of the Land Authority in Congo Town, UNDP’s Country Director, Pa Lamin Beyai, pledged the organization’s continued commitment to the LLA to develop a modern land administration system that would ensure effective and transparent administration of land in the country.

Dr. Beyai noted that land, which forms an integral part of the government’s pro-poor agenda, is a development issue which is useful in the areas of agriculture, recreation and tourism.

“Land will play a key role in Liberia’s pro-poor development agenda and the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals,” said Dr. Beyai.

He emphasized the need for other interested partners to provide additional resources to augment support to the LLA, to improve the administration of land.

LLA’s vice chair, Attorney J. Adams Manobah, expressed appreciation to UNDP for the level of support to the entity, adding, “such support is vital to delivery of services in the sector.”

Training on the use of the equipment will take place on April 9, as well as support to the establishment and functioning of the LLA, which is funded by ‘Assessed Contribution.’


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