Land Authority and Lantmäteriet to Implement 5-Yr Project

Liberian delegation posed with two of Lantmäteriet’s International Services staffs at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Sweden.

By Arthur R. Tucker (Contributor)

The Liberia Land Authority (LLA) and the Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authority, Lantmäteriet, have recommitted to fully implement a five-year capacity-building project for inclusive Land Administration and Management, a release from the entity has said.

According to the release, during the implementation of the project, LLA staff will receive short-term training locally and internationally to enable them carry out the activities associated with the project.

Recently, a 15-member delegation from the LLA and the Mayor of Barclayville City, Grand Kru County, Madam Benetor Blamo visited Lantmäteriet in Sweden as part of a knowledge exchange program to prepare themselves for the full implementation of the project, which starts in July this year.

While in Sweden, the Liberian delegation along with their Swedish counterparts agreed on some key activities that will be carried out during the project implementation, including women’s participation in land administration and management, whereas local government structures and municipalities will be capacitated to establish and enforce land use plans in accordance with the guidelines that the LLA will formulate.

It was also agreed that Communication and Customer Service Units at the LLA will be equipped and shall work together so that those at home and abroad, who wish to process their land documents and to seek information on land can do so through the LLA website, and other electronic means.

As part of the mission, the Liberian delegation visited several facilities and historical sites, including the Land Registration Center in Norrtälje, the Cadastral Services in Globen and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala to acquire and exchange knowledge on land information systems that exist in Liberia and Sweden.

At a brief program marking the close of the two-week visit, Lantmäteriet, Deputy Director General, Anders Lundquist, who is expected to pay a four-day visit to Liberia this week, lauded the Liberian delegation for visiting Sweden, and reaffirmed his organization’s support to the LLA in achieving the desired outcomes of the project.

On behalf of the Liberian delegation, the LLA Commissioner for Planning and Policy, Cllr. Kula L. Jackson, thanked Lantmäteriet for the training opportunity, which he said will go a long way in addressing those critical issues related to capacity-building in the land sector.

In another development, the executive director of the Swedish based International Land and Forest Tenure Facility, Madam Nonette Royo, has assured authorities at the LLA that her organization will continue to provide technical assistance in the land sector of Liberia.

By that, Madam Royo said it would ensure the successful implementation of the Land Rights Act, especially community land rights.

She described the Liberia Land Rights Act as a milestone model that should serve as a mirror to many countries of the world that desire to undertake land reforms.

Madam Royo pinpointed several international forums that Liberia can best showcase the trends that resulted in the formulation and promulgation of the Land Rights Act.

She promised to address those potential concerns on how the LLA will continue to work with civil society organizations in the implementation of the Land Rights Act in rural communities.


  1. A welcoming development, through the interaction I had with Hon Benetor Blamo in Barclayville, there are lot of prospects. Bravo guys..


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