Lamentations of A Vice President


Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor’s predictions of the defeat of the CDC in 2023 should the Coalition fail to address the needs of the people and her lamentations have come much too late. 

Just how her remarks have gone down with President Weah remains unclear, given what observers say is their very uneasy and tenuous relationship.

Some CDC supporters according to observers, have expressed agreement with the Veep’s remarks, arguing that in substance her remarks tend to support the very same posture taken by CDC diehard Montserrado County District 8 Representative Acarous Gray, who has publicly called for the dismissal of Minister of State Nathaniel McGill as well as of Finance Minister Samuel Tweah.

On reflection, it appears as though the massive defeat suffered by the CDC at the polls recently has induced a change, a change for hopes that may not be realized. Hopes of winning the 2023 polls appear to be fast fading and prospects of “losing it” have occasioned some deep soul searching.

Now it appears the search for scapegoats to blame for what appears to be impending disaster-defeat at the polls, has intensified and many have already begun jumping ship with the latest appearing to be Representative Gray and Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor.

Only recently, so to speak, Representative Gray’s brutal assault against the proprietor of a local sports bar on 9th Street made headlines in the news and was the subject of intense public debate. Of course, the Police did nothing and the proprietor was left to nurse his wounds.

But both individuals only need to look into themselves before pointing accusing fingers of blame. Who has forgotten Vice President Jewel Taylor’s exhortations to an assembly of chiefs in Bong County when she declared “da our time to eat”, while threatening dismissals for chiefs who failed to cooperate?

Says a retired official, President Tubman always made it a point to remind his officials about “licking to the elbow”, meaning, stealing the coffers dry, noting that officials of this government have been engaged in a virtual looting spree that has now left the country at its knees.

Further according to the official, the Vice President cannot absolve herself of blame of any or everything that has gone wrong. The “da our time to eat” mentality has meant that the long-talked-about Bong Community College is yet to graduate its first students since its establishment over 5 years ago.

And neither has the structure been fully completed and equipped due to gross corruption involving top officials of government. After nine years as Senator of Bong County and three years as Vice President, Madame Jewel Howard Taylor has not provided, it seems, leadership to see the task through completion.

Therefore, her lamentations, whether feigned or rea, can only be taken with a pinch of salt. It is often said that whenever you point an accusing finger at anyone, the rest of the fingers are pointing back at you.

The Navajos are an indigenous group of American Indians. In a Navajo court of law, the judge will always never fail to caution you for pointing and remind you that when you point a finger, there are three fingers pointing back at you.

This means that before pointing out the faults in others you should look within yourself first for faults.

But as Scottish novelist, poet and travel writer, Robert Louis Stevenson puts it, “There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it behooves us all not to talk about the rest of us’.

This is to say that Liberians will not be taken by what political observers say is an act of deception by the Vice President. She must have known what she was getting into when she entered into a political marriage with a spouse known for breaking the hearts of many a prospective suitor.

Informed sources say if the Vice President had entertained hopes that she would be catapulted to the presidency standing on the shoulders of the political novice but popular footballer.

But such dreams were soon to fade. As it appears, her lampooning of her opponent Joseph Boakai who had likened his position as vice president under President Sirleaf as akin to a race car parked in a garage has come back to haunt her.

Firstly her bid to take over the leadership of the Liberia Marketing Association failed despite the fact her predecessor was reported to have exercised much leverage over its leadership. Further, her attempt to pursue legal action to achieve this objective also failed as the Civil Law Court ruled against her.

And just as then-Vice President Boakai was held to blame equally as President Sirleaf for failures, so she too must now take blame also for the failures of this government. Cries of marginalization by President Weah shall, at the end of the day amount to nothing more than just mere accusations.

Appertaining to her cries of marginalization, informed sources say that President Weah has since harbored a genuine fear of a seemingly overly ambitious Vice President overlooking his shoulders with a perceived intent to undo him. His natural reaction, according to sources, has been to keep her at arm’s length.

Just what her thoughts are, looking down the road to 2023, remain unknown at this point given widely-held suspicions that President Weah has intent to replace her, probably even before 2023.

Whether she will face an uncertain political future cannot be determined at this point however, it could be a safe bet to say hopes of ascending to the presidency in the near future are imperiled or appear slim.


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